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  1. The scores were given to me from loan originators when I talked to them on the phone, first Amerisave after I gave him permission and then later Stockton Mortgage after I gave permisson. I do know my credit reports now show 2 inquiries and I received letters in the mail from both lenders saying they had made credit inquiries and the letters included the scores. I didn't really look to see where the scores came from or what they were called. I think the three scores were 610, 688 and 690.
  2. Hit Man, thanks on the above suggestion to call local banks. That put me on the good track. I closed on an FHA refinance today that is paying off my active chapter 13.
  3. I called a few local banks. One local bank said no but referred me to a mortgage broker with an FHA underwriter on staff. I called them and found someone with experience doing FHA loans in active bankruptcies, usually for purchase. I submitted all of my documentation and things are moving along. I signed disclosures and paid for an appraisal. 3.25% 30 years fixed, closing costs look really expensive but will be worth it to me. What could go wrong.
  4. I have found a couple of web sources that say what I want can be done if I qualify with a lender that can do FHA loan manual underwriting. Any idea who does that? thanks,
  5. So out of curiosity and unaware that paying off my chapter 13 without making my creditors whole again was even a possibility I asked my trustee what my payoff amount is. In the payoff letter it mentioned that if I wanted to use proceeds from a refinance from my house I could do so with court approval. The payoff roughly being the amount of my remaining payments seems like a good option if I can find someone to refinance my house. I asked an online lender who didn't right off say no to a refinance to pay off an active chapter 13. I applied for the loan, a couple of weeks went
  6. Is there a lender/loan for me? I have an approved court order motion to incur additional debt to pay off my Chapter 13 bankruptcy early and without penalty wiht proceeds from a home refinance. The chapter 13 payoff amount is about $61,000 to be paid to my trustee. The bankruptcy has been active 2 years 10 months with all payments on time. My first and second mortgages total about $31,000. Income is $58,000 salary plus $30,000 annual retirement pension. Savings are $10,000 checking and $160,000 in retirement savings. W
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