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  1. So I see “terms: 1 month”. Each month they are updating the balance as past due. I don’t know if they are reporting the status as “collections” monthly, probably, but they are reporting the balance every month. One of my reports has 2 entire pages dedicated to these monthly balance updates. I guess this is how collections are handled? My address for this is not on the report, but my phone number is for one CRA. I guess I should try to delete this. Does each CRA require my SS # to communicate with them? The bill might not be in the OC system since this is very old, which should help the disp
  2. Hey whychat I agree the possibility of suit is minimal, even though I would hate to deal with one. The amount is only $600 and further, aren’t suits often settled for much less than the amount? I’m not a lawyer. It will hurt in that I put all my cards on the table and anything further will likely not work. The CA is the assigned collector for the X-ray bill, since they are listed on their website. I know a HIPAA violation hasn’t occurred and will likely not occur. They have their billing codes down, they supply the minimal information to avoid this even if I pay off the OC. I’m not sayin
  3. Just for some more perspective this bill happened when I was 18 and has put me off from attempting to build any credit. So my motivations are that I really want to start building credit for myself. I don’t have any CC’s. I likely can’t even generate a FICO 8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My payment for the bill is under the assumption that settling will prevent the collections from reporting monthly, which makes it not fresh. I’d like to start the aging process for the collections. I don’t know if this will benefit my FICO 8 or not. Maybe modestly? I need advice on whether it’s worth it for this reason. Because I intended on settling anyways, then why not 10 months before SOL. Past SOL would give me better settlement terms probably. I’m honestly unsure. Initially I was going to wait past SOL to try and get this removed. Then I changed my mind.
  5. Lesson learned for sure as they would have given me a favorable payment at the time, but this was during a health crisis, no excuse though. There was no communication with the billing department, insurance was never provided, however they should have had my insurance on file from a previous visit. But they never billed it. Mailing was sent to me but address number is wrong on the bill. I am wondering if the hospital bill contains the X-ray bill. And since the X-ray collections is reporting, then would this prevent the hospital from also reporting. But it seems pointless to speculate.
  6. Just to clarify as my reply got cut off. The only one reporting is Eastern Account Systems, the collections company for the OC, an X-ray company local to my city. The hospital in-house collections is not reporting. The X-ray bill is under $1000 The hospital bill is under $2000 I had insurance which was never provided to the hospital. Hospital is a catholic not-for-profit.
  7. *bump* Hi centex, The collections is with a company called Eastern Account Systems. It would seem to be a national business as their headquarters is in CT. The OC is a radiological company local to my city. They list EAS on there website, so they may have some sort of relationship. But this was done in a hospital, so maybe the hospital is the OC? Hospital is also in in-house collections but not reporting. I’m in Texas btw. So the X-ray bill is This has been reporting monthly for 3 years. I think settling may allow the collections to not update and age, which may provide some benefit? I’m
  8. Well it’s good that you paid everything off, so you can now attempt to introduce some positive accounts to your report, assuming you don’t have any at the moment. That charge off was good paying off since the balance would have likely counted towards your utilization, and potentially thrown it out of wack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This is a medical collections that’s updating monthly. It’s 10 months out till SOL. Is it worth settling now, assuming deletion isn’t possible?
  10. I wish there was a clear answer to this because I’m in the same boat. I can’t get credit without a postpaid. I can’t get a postpaid without credit. An issue may be that the caller id is in the prepaid providers name or even a random persons same. Most prepaid services don’t allow you to change this. It’s called the CNAM database. Among other things I’ve read is a website called listyourself 411. This lists you some kind of database. I wish I had a better answer for this. Let us know if you resolve it.
  11. I’m going through the whole delete addresses associated with old debts process. I’m curious if CRA’s collect not just personal info from tradelines, but soft and hard inquires as well. Are the address and phone #’s displayed on our reports only populated from actual tradelines? It seems this info doesn’t fall off with tradelines, but is retained indefinitely. Is this right?
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