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  1. @TheVig, I'm so impressed by how you max out the benefits of these programs. I know it takes a lot of work and keeping everything in your head as you make purchases. I'm just curious about one thing. Choice usually runs there $50 gift card for a two stays at two hotels in the summer (at other times of the year it's 8K points). Technically, it's the same in the summer but they temporarily change the amount of points needed for most of the gift cards on their list from 16k to 8k. I'm just wondering, do you typically opt for using your Choice points for stays at their hotels or for t
  2. I'm really interested to hear more about this. Is there a list of best banks/cards to consider at various credit scores? What about companies like Citi, AmEx, Wells Fargo, Citizens, etc. I'm curious about things like credit limit increases over time, cash benefits, etc. Thanks for sharing more about this. Been reading what I can through these posts.
  3. Hi, I'm a little confused by something. We were notified that we were pre-approved for a personal loan and a few months later (about 18 months ago), we took one out for an unforeseen purchase we had to make. The terms were fairly favorable and we opted for a 3 year loan. We also knew that we hadn't had an installment loan in awhile and having one would serve to have a lower interest rate than a CC while also improving our credit score. Win-win. This was an installment loan of a fixed amount every month. Well, we really worked at it and were happy that we could pay it of
  4. Hi, I am hoping for some help in figuring out how to maximize the positive FICO impact while paying down my credit cards. I've been doing a lot of reading on the site and I've already learned so much but also found there are so many intricacies when dealing with credit that I know even less than I thought I did. I couldn't seem to find this info (if I just missed it due to poor search operators, please let me know.) Here are the basics: We have a few credit card accounts between my spouse and I (each an AU on all accts). I was fortunate in that my dad got me put on as an AU
  5. That sounds uber shady to me that they are demanding the checking acct info. Money should be money to them - whether personal check (clearly avoid from your primary checking acct, as all others are saying), cashiers check, money order, etc. Your agreement should have been to pay, not to give them a way to take out whatever other money they may decide to try. Also, wanted to agree with the poster who mentioned using online banking. You can open a bank online and then with a lot of them, setup a bill pay to that company. The bank will send a check for you in the amount you specify wi
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