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  1. Thanks so much. After making that post yesterday, my wife got an alert of a similar, small-dollar medical time in collections on HER report as well. I continued reading your guide some more, and we both did indeed opt out. (Too bad I hadn't seen that a week or two ago! I was ALMOST going to try other methods, but made myself stop until I saw your response, and I'm glad I did. I shall now proceed to follow your steps to the letter, for both of our medical collections items. Fingers crossed, we'll have some deletions soon. Thanks again!
  2. Because my wife and I are looking to get a mortgage and move soon, I’ve been monitoring our credit like a hawk for a few months now. Just this morning, seeing that our EQ VantageScore suddenly dropped 120 points, I did further and saw that there was an item in collections—a $200 balance from Receivables Management Services, on behalf of Patient First. So far, it’s only on the one bureau’s report, but I’m sure the other two are to follow. in short, what’s the best approach now? I haven’t done anything yet. While I’m considering a credit repair company, the sense I get here is that I
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