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  1. EQ Clear, EX re-dispute in progress via MD laws to provide contact names of people who verified the information. TU re-dispute in progress as they closed without giving any reason other than "Verified" so asking them why also. Small victory. Side note, any that spiked EQ FICO 08 to 785. Know a lender offhand using primarily EQ for auto lending? The database confused me a bit. Couldn't figure how to scan for only auto loans, and found mostly credit cards.
  2. @hdporterSorry for the confusion but focusing purely on this issue -- The letter indicates 'another address' but they had my address for the last 10 years (Well within the times of this car) so I have to assume my ex moved (Since we don't keep in touch) and updated the addresses on the account with one of the ones that shows on my credit report that didn't get removed as mine despite both letters, online, and phone removal attempts. With my SSN and the VIN of the vehicle, the phone reps did NOT find the account for me, and the online shows "no account history" when I login. If they *DO*
  3. @Why Chat - I have checked my reports - They're still there. @hdporter - I spoke with a rep on the phone multiple times now. Even with my SSN and the VIN of the vehicle along with my name, they're not finding an account, nor does their online system. So I'm admittedly getting very frustrated with the process, but I do calm down before making the call, but thank you for that. Feeling at my wits' end over this doesn't help in the least. -- If that was an inability to confirm via address mismatch, but their online system uses SSN and VIN, shouldn't it have pulled the account to sh
  4. OK, I'd already tried the primary disputes, so I sent the letter to the OC (Bridgecrest) and the seller of the care (Though it was the same, their Drive Time company division). That letter was their response. I'll send them the copy of the credit report portion with them on it and request them make sure it's not verified to the CRAs. There is no CA reporting on my CR. Just the massacring of late payments by Bridgecrest, which I've disputed in parts with varying successes, as since they refused to give me receipts when paying in person at one location, I started sending it with fee from W
  5. @Why Chat -- Neither one -- The OC , Bridgecrest that wants more information. With the VIN and other numbers on the report, and putting my SSN on their online profile, they report (Per screenshot above) that I don't have any information on file with them. And the above is their attached letter.
  6. Yes, it is still on my reports; their letter basically said that they wanted more information from me (I did link an image redacted above.) There has been no removal at this point, though. And glad to help, at least it's a minor something I can do to be useful.
  7. Hi everyone, Got a response back to Why Chat's letter today. I did login to their website with my information, and found this: Bridgecrest - I don't exist. Also, there was this letter in response that they want me to basically fill in my information for them, despite the initial letter having the VIN and identifying information, and my SSN in their system from screenshot above indicates that I don't have any account with them to fill out. I am severely DISinclined to give them anything else at this point. What should be my next steps from here: Th
  8. Correct. Such I paid them down. This month, they'll report with $5, $0, $0. But it's not recognizing them. I called in MyFico support since FICO didn't have a number for an algorithm issue, just to contact MyFICO support...they claim that the cards are being calculated in, which makes no sense numerically speaking. Then I got the stupidest advice ever from the supervisor "Maybe you should try letting a balance report for a while and see if fit changes things. Using your credit more can help build your credit scores." Direct quote I kid you not. But even if all 3 did have that balance, i
  9. And I'm unsure why an ongoing battle with a creditor (And only negatives) would be called 'trashed over YEARS' -- But no one's demanded in minutes at all here. I've tried to fix such with them over time, and after now finding they violated several state laws, it's closer to time to play hardball of getting it finally fixed and removed. Then it's nothing but positive and moving forward. @dredee0 If you actually bothered to read the thread rather than come in on a high horse, you'd realized your comments would also have been answered above as far as the accounts are in repeat use; I just pref
  10. Don't feed the trolls. At least on my thread. I got excited for a reply for no reason.
  11. Why Chat, just as an FYI as I know you put a lot of work in your site, the links to repo laws are no longer active. However, I did some googling, and found what I think is a pretty good source for Maryland, where I am currently. https://itstillruns.com/car-repossession-laws-maryland-7324094.html Never got any of the forms mentioned here, and had to make multiple calls to find out anything at all over the years. So with that said, that's required notice and all other parts that weren't received under Maryland law. I've prepared the basic letter per guidebook, but per that site
  12. First off, thank you all for the various responses; they are all appreciated. @hdporter @centex I actually live with the person who added it, though since I maintain an address in GA, I do not change my license, as my son attends school there with his mother still, as well as my other home is there. I'm not sure if the algorithm picks that up, but I do receive mail here, and have updated my address with my banks and credit cards. The cards that are listed are all active, even within the last month, so the dormancy question can be knocked out the box. I did just move here, and j
  13. Hi everyone. I have been working on getting my credit back in order. However, I need some help with a couple things. A friend added me as an authorized user on 3 cards, so I have a perfect four year history on them. However, there is only one negative on my report, but it seems to be crushing my score entirely, despite the perfect history on the 3 credit cards. I will give a miniature breakdown here, so any help understanding this, or how to handle it would be appreciated. My goal is to be able to get a loan for a vehicle (Getting a 2014 Nissan Versa for $3500, but
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