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  1. I have my category set as online shopping for the 3% cash back.  I need to make a purchase at Home Depot.  If I do an online purchase rather than physical store purchase, does anyone have experience as to whether that will code as online shopping or will it code as Home Improvement category even when purchasing online? 


    I found a thread on Reddit stating it coded as online shopping, but they did the transaction through PayPal so that may have been the reason why.

  2. 5 hours ago, centex said:

    I'll see if I can find my AXP statements from 2016/2017 to see how a similar sort of thing coded out...it won't be Citi-specific, but at least might give some insight...


    In that instance, it was a combination of doctor's office with rehab gym/pool off of the main hallway.  However, I seem to remember it just coded as some form of medical.


    I went ahead and paid with the Citi Custom Cash and it coded as medical (see below).  I was hoping otherwise since it wasn't affiliated directly with a doctor office or hospital.  Didn't try Discover since it's not their fitness quarter.

    Spend Category
    Medical Services - Not Else Where Classed
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