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  1. My Amazon Synchrony Card updated on the 6th with my high balance. I paid it off in full this month and then bought some more stuff and paid them off once they posted on the 25th. Apparently it updated my balance on the 25th so it looks like I never paid down my card lol. I wonder if it updates twice a month.
  2. My EQ is clean. My TU & EX has 1 Chargeoff with a 270% Utilization Rate But yeah I plan to stay in the Garden for 6 months then apply for Navy Fed. Then 18 months later I will apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited Off topic but is it normal for a Card to report the balance twice in 1 month? I have 1 card that reported my balance on the 6th and 25th.
  3. It wasn't necessarily just the Inquiries but also the other 3 New CCs I got approved for. 2 out of the 3 are now reporting on All 3 CBs so I figured that would be another factor that they judge me on. I was just trying to avoid them seeing these new Credit Card Accounts so I applied for 4 CCs within 4 2-3 days. I don't want the new denial reason to be that I'm applying for too many Credit Cards. I only applied for PenFed because the exclusively pull EQ I may just go into the Garden for 6 months and retry Navy Federal.
  4. I'm surprised you got the Chase Card especially with 5k. Congrats on the Chase & NFCU Card. I would keep the Secured Cards Open & just use them once a year. You don't want to lower your Average Age of Accounts by closing older accounts. My Capital One Card still hasn't unsecured after 2 years. I was approved for 22k with 3 Credit Cards and have put my Capital One along with 2 other cards in my sock drawer. I'm hoping once Capital One sees my 3 New CCs and that 0% utilization with their card that they'll graduate.
  5. I was unable to prequalify. It may be because I froze 4 of my other reports like Lexus Nexus, Sage Stream. Also with PenFed they pretty much said I didn't give them any reason to show that the Credit Report they pulled was inaccurate. I even paid some stuff in Full but told them the balances obviously wouldn't update immediately on the Credit Report but I provided pictures showing my payments. They also said they'll have to do another Hard Pull. I'm calling tomorrow to hopefully have a Manager pull some strings or to close my Checking/Savings Account. Overall my experience with the
  6. I'm in the same process as well. I am applying for an EIN today myself.
  7. I guess I got nothing to lose. I'll give it a shot!
  8. I'm scared because my TU has 1 Negative Charged Off Account. I haven't even requested CLIs because of this.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I am going to ask to be dropped off for now. It will bring my AAoA down but since I am not looking for any new CCs it won't hurt and I can always be added back later.
  10. I tried to Prequalify but it asked me to unlock my CR which I am scared to do What is CB-J?
  11. Hmm I may ask my cousin if he still has his Bank of America Card. My other 2 AUs have utilization above 20% but under 30% but I don't like it. Especially since I am implementing the $2 trick.
  12. A family member added me to a 33k AMEX Card and I was so excited until I saw the Account Opened Date :(. It still helps though!
  13. I watched a YouTube Video and read some threads. I created my Recon Letter and will be calling tomorrow/submitting it tomorrow to PenFed. Wish me luck! I figure I have nothing to lose since I have a hard pull. But after that I'll be in the Garden. But @MP80 I heard if your TU Report is frozen which mine is then NavyFed would pull from EQ. Had I known this I would of never joined PenFed 🙂. Do you think 4 Inquiries + 2 New Accounts (Missing 2 More) is a lot to Navy Fed? I would rather try after 6 months or even 1 year since I want my best shot at getting 25k honestly or at least 15k minimum.
  14. For anyone lurking I found it! https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/539677-the-master-credit-repair-thread-help-needed/&do=findComment&comment=5215279
  15. I guess I should BTW do is there a good guide on here for disputing? I just watched a video where they informed me that if you signup on Transunion, Equifax, or Experian you waive your rights to sue them. Also that I have only 1 Address + 1 Name on my Credit Report.
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