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  1. Chicago wasn't going to be cootie free anyway. I haven't been in anywhere in months. 🤯
  2. This one broke my heart into a million pieces.
  3. 🙄 No. i want some bibimbap from a food court in Seoul. Or there's some places in NYC that I really like. Heck, there's even one place on the other side of Charlotte that does okay. I JUST WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE THAT ISN'T MY HOUSE.
  4. I am getting 30000 emails from my HOA because they think I am wondering what they can do to help me navigate these troubling times during COVID19. I never once asked myself "How can my HOA help, during a pandemic?" Not. Once.
  5. The only thing that makes this tolerable is that the masks that the nurses need are not the same cheap shit that Subway is giving away ... and they won't protect anyone from anything.
  6. Mostly about the spread of the virus and about how bad things can/will get. If things don't get bad here in the U.S. (and we've gone past that at this point, since we've surpassed China) it will be because public health measures have succeeded, not because the potential of the virus was overhyped.
  7. I'm an informatics epidemiologist.
  8. I wouldn't trust just Windows defender alone, to answer your original question. I added the third-party AV software, and Avast was the one I chose. McAfee and Norton are, IMO, full of bloat and I've had bad experiences with both.
  9. I gotta say ... If I'd known that all it would take was a pandemic to become an epidemiologist .... I probably would have saved myself years of education and experience, and certainly a lot of money . But a lot of y'all are way wrong about a lot of things in this thread.
  10. Hey .... PotO. You doin' okay? Having a good Saturday? Good, good. Just as a heads up for ya while I got your attention. That's your last freebie at being an asshat, because I've been reading along lately and your cracks at other members and general bigotry, mysogyny, and other traits that don't really fit into the "be nice to each other, be nice to ourselves, be nice to the world" model that we want to embody here at CB have hit my last nerve, and I'm gonna have a lot more free time coming up. So, dial it back, and if you don't have something nice or something productive to say, maybe refrain from clicking on that "Submit Reply" button, mmmkay? Otherwise you're going to go on moderation, and the mod squad will be instructed to wait for me to approve your posts, and I'll get busy again, perhaps artificially so, yanno?
  11. I put my kid and my father on Avast. Not the free version. It seems to have kept them from getting cooties.
  12. My kid has been told to move out of her dorm by 3/22 and start classes online 3/23.
  13. Sorry, it was a lot of words and I tuned out about halfway through Actually I was multi-tasking and missed that part. Trying to decide if doing maintenance on the board after drinking tequila tonight is a good idea or an inspired idea.
  14. I am unsure why I care how some of these companies are dealing with COVID19. I mean companies that have no brick and mortar presence that I or any other consumer will be entering. Like Gazelle. It's strictly online for buying/selling phones, etc. Do I really care what measures they're taking? Yet, they sent me an email about it. 🙄
  15. Same. We all literally hate it. Your company has a terrible implementation. We not only have dial-in options, but it can be made to call us back. It won't remember our damned phone numbers from one meeting to the next but it will call us back. The smartphone app is the easiest when you're driving, though, because you can just use it as a softphone - you should try that instead of everything else you just described.

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