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  1. This was actually in the news a couple of weeks ago. https://abcnews.go.com/US/parents-film-newborn-baby-girl-dropped-head-doctor/story?id=62819822
  2. I don't shop at Costco. Topaz Signature Pads
  3. I'm fascinated by this lease hacker stuff, and don't really understand how it works. If I was interested, I'd contact the broker who posted it via PM? (yes, I'm lazy tonight)
  4. Haha, when I moved back to the east coast, I hadn't experienced a thunderstorm in about 7 years, so they became kind of magical for me again.
  5. Yeah so watching both of these videos, i cannot figure out why the guy in the black car got out of his car in the first place and started filming the guy in the red Jeep. Honestly, if I had a concealed carry permit, and someone just randomly got out of their car for no apparent reason while traffic was stopped, I might have my weapon at the ready too. Clearly the guy in the red Jeep felt threatened by whatever happened/was said by the guy in the black car before the video with audio started.
  6. In the last week I've had sushi in Japan and bibimbap in South Korea. Highly recommend both.
  7. Actually the majority of anti-vaxxers are middle class and above.
  8. AGREE. It's still 45, when you use format: a + b = c (a*b) + a = c 1 + 4 = 5 ..... (1*4)+1 = 5 2 + 5 = 12 ..... (2*5)+2= 12 3 + 6 = 21 ..... (3*6)+3 = 18   5 + 8 = ..... (5*8)+5 = 45 But they're still stupid, because it's not proper syntax which means that it's all still wrong.
  9. Anyone have any advice for a Canadian?
  10. Pam


    I'll be in Hawaii 4/12. Send me a PM with where/when you're traveling in the next few months
  11. Pam


    Maybe? Not sure what my travel plans are for April.

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