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  1. This. Greenpath is not a debt settlement company and they've worked successfully for quite a few of our members. The debt management plan works with creditors to pay back the entire balance at reduced interest rates, from wht I understand. However, there is still some personal responsibility for monitoring one's balances - both through the Greenpath statements and I assume the credit card companies don't lock you out of your online accounts. But, what's done is done, and we're here to help and not be assholes, so escalating within Greenpath is a great start. Management at Greenpath should be reaching out to the creditor to accept responsibility for not remitting the final $75 and working out amended reporting.
  2. I know, right? Nor does Da Hubby, surprisingly.
  3. I've watched this 4 times already.
  4. Holy shit stranger. How are the plantains up there? I have no tattoos. I am also an anomly in my sphere.
  5. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies, either. I have Disney+ and have considered watching them all but .... meh.
  6. First car was a 1974 Formula Vee Super Beetle. Bright Yellow. Sticker on the back that said "You're Ugly and Your Mama Dresses You Funny" . It had a standard automatic transmission - 2 gears, you'd shift from first to second at about 40MPH, but no clutch. It was a lot of fun to drive.
  7. Next step is moderating any attempts to post on topics that haven't been posted on for more than 2 years. You think the Mod Squad is cranky now? Wait til @MarvBear or @IndyPoolPlayer have to spend time approving those posts.
  8. I know There were some posts earlier in this thread that don't take these factors into account and it just defies logic.
  9. One of the problems with what some of you are saying is that .... it's rather obtuse to keep saying "yes, the numbers are going up because we're doing more testing" and to keep ignoring that hospitalization rates are also going up percent of tests that are positive are also going up - this means that the increase in number of positives outpaces the increase in number of tests ICU capacity rates are going down our rate of infection, instead of continuing to decrease, is back at the rate that it was in April - meaning it dipped then went back up
  10. SIGH. 3,675 days, @hegemony
  11. That looks amazing. But it's not a grilled cheese.
  12. Hubby made a lobster bisque tonight that was divine
  13. Someone took your license and won't give it back???

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