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  1. I'm having good luck with Gap jeans this year. Quality seems high and prices aren't terrible.
  2. LastPass has been hacked but no user data was accessed. As far as I know, Roboform has never been hacked. I can back up the data included in my account, protect it locally, which means should anything happen to RF I have my data. I don't worry a lot about them getting hacked and I use biometrics to protect access on my computer and phone. It would be a pain in the rear if something were to happen, sure, but the risk of being in that situation is very small.
  3. Pam

    cra equifax

    There's not enough information in your post to answer your question. I also removed the address in your post in case it was identifying information.
  4. That's more than 16 weeks of PTO. You get more than 16 weeks of PTO every year? If the answer to that is yes, please PM me the name of your company cause I might be incentivized to step into the market for a job change. Is that all types of PTO? Our sick leave doesn't expire so I have about 300 hours of that, but our vacation time is use it or lose it.
  5. Did you lose my address to have mine delivered? Dayum that looks good.
  6. That's "turn over your human card" territory.
  7. I am not a DYKWIM but I would give you side eye on principle alone.
  8. So .... FB is the largest social media site in the world so the odds are good that you're on Facebook even though they're largely evil. If you didn't know, CB has a facebook page. If you haven't already, please consider going to like the page. I get cool new toys if our follower count goes up. And I like cool new toys. (And while you're there, if you want to help support my side-side-side hustle, consider liking MikelParis' Facebook page as well - he's the keyboardist for O.A.R. and a very talented solo musician. He's doing some cool stuff during his livestreams,
  9. Will you be taking advantage of that $12/mo or 0% offer to finance it?
  10. that sounds like a lot of work for a 99c menu item.
  11. The chimes before the pilot says "Flight Attendants cross check and verify for takeoff" are like magic for me at this point, I am guaranteed to be fast asleep before takeoff happens, and to get ~30 minutes of really good sleep. Usually that's all I need to recharge. It's also usually just long enough to miss drink service and turn me into that PITA who asks after the service.
  12. Right now, that's not an entirely accurate statement, incidence and prevalence is pretty high and a large enough population of Americans are being stupid. With symptoms that are similar to other ailments, COVID should be tested along with flu/gastroenteritis/etc etc. But COVID should be part of the default.
  13. Bluetooth was optional on BMWs until 2015. I had a 2014.
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