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  1. This is one of my top 5 all favorite songs. It's just perfect in so many ways. I have a soft spot for Skynyrd, they've been a part of my musical history from the beginning. At least one member of the band lived in my neighborhood and when DH and I were dating, the corner bar by his house was where they practiced during a break (mid 90's).
  2. HE'S A CIO/CTO. This makes it wayyyyyy better.
  3. They just don't post about it here.
  4. Similar - firstinitial plus last name OG gmail without numbers, so a little bit worse because that allows every asshat who has the same last name but the same first initial (so every Peter, Paula, Phillip, etc.) to think that my email is theirs.
  5. So this is student loan debt?
  6. Hi If you don't agree with a moderator's action, please feel free to send a PM to one of the admins. But in general, arguing with a moderator on the board itself, disrupting someone else's thread, isn't productive. Remember that tone and inflection don't carry through on the written word, so while you might think your original response conveyed empathy and support, my reading of the post was exactly the same as Tee's. That's my free advice for you, for the day. Enjoy your holiday weekend.
  7. Some asshole in Kansas sent out requests for information for what appears to be every freaking 2012-2014 Jaguar for sale in the United States in the past 2 days. Using my email address. I may or may not have just gone postal on a poor car salesman who just had the poor luck of sending an email I could reply to. He also ate at an Indian restaurant and got an e-receipt. I may lose my shit if he keeps this up.
  8. This is the ringtone on my work phone.
  9. Do you mean the one with Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton? Because I enjoyed it even though the ending was a bit abrupt.

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