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  1. I live in OK so they will not be able to block my registration and for the second question, no NTTA refers you to the collection agency
  2. Money isn't the problem. My question is if I pay it is it still going to hit my report as a collection? If so, will it stay on there for seven years. I couldn't care less about $17. I am worried about this being on my CR for seven years.
  3. So I got a letter from Southwest Credit (they handle NTTA's past due tolls) in the amount of $17.00. Has not hit my credit yet. The tolls have to be around five years old. So my question, do I get a 30-day grace period to validate and/or pay the bill without it hitting my credit? I am not going to seek out new credit within the next two years and I am wondering if I should just let it hit and ride it for two years because I don't want to pay and it's on my credit for seven years.
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