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  1. I searched for it, but didn't see one anyway, feel free to delete if it's a duplicate! https://www.citi.com/credit-cards/citi-custom-cash-credit-card Looks pretty solid, and as it auto-structures 5% to a category it's used on the most, I think that has a place in practically every wallet. Might take me a few months testing to get it sorted what Citi calls what (Since my experiences there tell me no CSR will have a clue), but when I do, that's a solid spend in whichever Disco/Chase don't want to put at 5% for that month. Thoughts? I will likely apply this
  2. Two cards to be exact for the algorithm test, don't mind being a guinea pig, haha: Card 1: $1900 / $20000 -- Card 2: $4200 / $35000
  3. Currently cards numbering in the 30s, less than 3% utilization (Few thousand at 0% floating for 6 more months), 1 open auto (36-months, 1.99%, 47% remaining), 1 open mortgage (15-year @2.25%, 80% remaining), DTI about 14%, average age around 7 years. Does that help? I don't think there's a logic to that algorithm, honestly, haha.
  4. Hi, I'm just a shadow of arbitrage. Good to drop by and see the sights!
  5. Though their offer is...laughable. Average line of $20k and scores of 800 across the board, they offered me a $700 limit. lolwut?
  6. Hi, looks to be available on their main site with 'check my rate' -- Here's one such link: https://www.nasafcu.com/landing-pages/check-your-rate/credit-card---par hope that helps!
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