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  1. I have 5 credit cards with a total availbe ofbout $9000. My current CC use is is 12% today but will be under 10% the first week of Junee under %10 next month. The only balance of about $1000 is on my Discover 0% card that will end the promo in December 2021. I'm not having a problem paying my monthly balance due. In fact I usually pay in $200 to $400 on my outstanding balance oftern at least 2 times a month. My current credit rate is about 737. I had a bankruptcy 5 years ago. Before that I had excellent credit. My bankruptcy was due to a health crists rather than irresponsible use of my CCs'. I'm now rebuilding my credit. My first question is this: Is it likely or unlikely that I'll get approved for another balance transfer CC? I know no one but the algorithm that accepts or denies any individual I'm just asking for personal experience re: this. My second question has to do with closing one or both of the Capital One CC's I have. There's no outstanding balance on either. My credit line on one is $750 and the other is $250. I don't really need these accounts and very rarely use them, and then pay off the outstanding balance right away. If closing these accounts makes getting a new 0% balance promo (for at least 15 months) I'm willing to do it. If this extra amount of unused credit I have will increase the odds of getting a new $0% balance transfer card I'll leave my Capital ONe CC's open.. As a side note: I've always paid off my Discover card within 3-4 months and that's what I expect to do with the current balance. I'm heading off on a trip in AUgust and would feel more comfortable finding s new ba;amce transfer card befpre going
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