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  1. Got my cards near the first of this month (activated). Got the letter today. Looked at credit reports and old account has full history, zero balance and shows active. New card shows with full history, current balance and shows active.
  2. USAA MC shows up immediately. With Patelco, I get an email notice confirming the purchase (with amount) within a few minutes of using the card.
  3. Normally, that's my routine. Sometimes I'm paying more frequently if I'm shopping more often there--like recently getting my DW a lot of new clothes. Kohls isn't real generous with the CL and I like low utilization.
  4. Actually I just PIF ANY balance that is on my account when the statement cuts or, more often than not, before the statement cuts--sometimes when I get home from Kohls. I use Quicken and it makes it real simple to schedule an electronic payment anytime I want. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't let my dislike of Chase keep me from getting the Kohls card. Absolutely worth it.
  5. I definitely had to LOL when I read what it said my hobby was. Pretty inaccurate stuff. Went ahead and removed myself and DW.
  6. Yes, but if you use the link provided to the American Consumers's Council, their dropdown lists Fort Knox as a selection.
  7. Don't know if Penfed issues this, but Nasa FCU uses the same payment address for their card.
  8. Well, this thread has taken a turn all too common in these United States. That is, fear/distrust of our government. Sure does make doing the right thing stressful, doesn't it? I remember once I found a Palm device next to my car in a large parking lot in a strip mall. What I chose to do was look through the contacts for the owner and give them a call. I did, they were quite surprised and grateful and came by my house to pick it up.
  9. Something else to consider. The Sam's in my area just closed. It was very short notice (2-3 wks). They did however offer full refunds to anyone who asked. The lines were long.
  10. Yep, I got the letter too. Instead of a fixed 9.9%, mine is changing to a 10.9% variable. This kind of action, variable rates, is predictable in response to federal government actions. The way I look at it, PIF = 0% apr.
  11. I personally do little more than scribble on those pads. I don't like my signature being stored electronically. Only once has anyone said anything about the scribble. The older clerk commented that it didn't look anything like my signature--after she asked to see my DL (standard OP at this retailer). I simply replied, "It never will."
  12. No where near it. Since Chase first decided to cut all my CLs (3 accounts total with DW included) in half a few months before they closed them entirely, I think a higher limit on this Chase backed card would suit my portfolio just fine. In reality, the Chase closings didn't really hurt my utilization since I'm a PIF kind of guy, I'm just sayin'. BTW, I inherited Chase via WAMU. I wouldn't have chosen them otherwise and it was one of the reasons I hesitated on the Kohl's card.
  13. I've considered getting the Kohl's card for the perks, but didn't really care for the low limits. So I've always declined at the register. So, I'm at the register today and swipe my Penfed rewards through the reader. I get the usual pitch for the Kohl's card that I always decline. This time something was different. The clerk was an older woman and was as smooth as silk in pushing the application. When I told her I'd considered the card, but preferred to use my rewards card, she spoke of the virtues of the card (which I knew) and said, "I think you should get it." She presses a few bu
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