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  1. Sorry for the additional questions, but would you mind pointing me in the right direction (keywords/search terms), so that I may research those statutes? I'm just not sure what to look for as this is my first dance with the devil. The only doubt I have about that debt is whether it was in 1998 or 1999. Thank you for all the information! I will revisit the letter in its entirety and do my best to keep it simple and to the point.
  2. Thank you for this. I was also a little concerned about some of those statements and had considered trimming them off the letter.
  3. I previously attempted to piggy-back on another thread but felt it was probably rude to do so. So I've started this one to see if anyone can provide any guidance. I received a letter from Oliver Wright and Associates for a debt collection this week. The OC charged the account off back in 1999 or 1998 (its been a while, I forget the exact year). It had fallen off my CR many years ago so I hadn't given it much thought. Fast forward to today and I've made significant progress getting my finances and credit in order. But now I have this looming over my head. I've seen others men
  4. Sorry to bump/hijack a thread.. I too received a letter from this firm yesterday. It's for debt that was charged off back in the late 90s and fell off my credit report around 2006/2007.... @KuchiKopi What did you end up doing about the letter? I was just going to ignore it but now I'm starting to think I need to reply.. My only concern is by sending them a reply I open the door for more communications... I worked really hard this year to get my score up and I would hate to have this screw up my credit again... Also, I'm a newb to CB and currently reading the faq's to try and u
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