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  1. Wrong. You do not know me and have NO idea what is happening. Unfreakingreal. This board certainly went down the shitter. You are a nasty person.
  2. The $15k car loan and approx another $15k or so in loans, CC's. Again, a VERY bad streak of luck.
  3. There is other debt. I ran into a bunch of BAD luck and the car is one of several debts I am dealing with.
  4. Reporting as a CO with the CU. The JDB has it now. I guess my goal is trying to lessen any financial hit. I will send a DV letter to them to at least give me some time. May just file CH7.
  5. It was actually sold to a JDB. The letter I received was from some shady law office in Georgia.
  6. Asking for my options. I understand that the creditor is in no way required to take the car back. I explained to them I could not afford the repairs and if they wanted it back. They said No. Ok. Now that it is in collections, how can I fight the JDB? I see sending a DV letter, which I will do. Other than that?
  7. Got a car loan 2 years ago. Bought a 2006 Mercedes S65. Well, the suspension grenaded on it and the dealer wanted $10000 to fix it. There was no way I could pay that. I told my credit union the issue and offered to have them get the car. They did not want it. There is more to the story, but not relevant here. Anyway, A lawyer is representing a JDB for $15000. Received a letter a from them week ago. I am going to dispute that I owe this money but being that this inoperable car is in the driveway, how can I fight this? TIA And yes, I should have never had bought the car.
  8. Why do you not want the Visa version of this card?
  9. I believe I've read on CB not to trust it. Thanks, I won't take the risk.
  10. I have for Discover but was denied, so I'm kind of hesitant to use it again.
  11. I tried their pre-qualify and it recommended the Cash Rewards. Do I trust it? I hate to waste another HP.
  12. Yes. The worst part is that the balance counts but the limit does not. To add a little to this, If your charge-off reports both a balance and a limit, FICO will count it toward utilization (and it will hurt you more than the CO alone would). - A $0 CO is still bad, but better than a CO with a balance. - If your CO reports a balance but does not report a limit, FICO will exclude it from utilization. (Strange corner case, but it happened to me.) The above can be generalized to any closed account that reports a balance (even if not charged off). Target got me with a CO with a balance. The original CL was $500 with a $455 CO. They later lowered the CL to $200 which made my UTIL around 225%. A dirty trick from those *^&^@, but finally got it removed completely. That was the only CC I had on my reports which decimated my FICO

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