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  1. Being new to the credit game with 1 credit card just under 6 months old and nothing else how did I get an experian fico 8 of 749 as shown on creditscorecard.com ?? . I have spent the last 5+months reading what I could in my spare time. I was under the impression fico 8 scores would normaly be much lower than vantagescore 3.0 (706). I just dont get it. Seems to me they would start you out somewhere in the middle of the scoring range and go from there depending on how you handled credit?.
  2. Looks like the spending tracking app was so messed up its been suspended , mine now says. "You don't have any recent spending to review. When you start using your accounts, you can track your spending here."
  3. My plan is to wait until I have 6 months on the us bank platinum and request a cli . After that when I see I have a real fico score I will apply for a second card that has some benefits and build from there with a few more cards. I was surprised I was approved for the us bank card as I was calling to see about a secured card and the customer service rep encouraged me to apply for the reg card. I was looking at the secured card because even self lender wouldn't let me give them money as my credit history was nonexistent so they were not sure I was a real person. us bank must have a
  4. I wondered around the new us bank interface and figured out how to make a scheduled payment , thanks for the help. I was worried The high utilization would cause a long term effect on my score but I see it will go back to where it was as soon as I pay the card down. A good score so I can get a good mortgage rate is the reason I finally got a credit card at 61 . I am selling 1 of the houses I built so I will have a large down payment to buy my retirement home and keep the payments low. I know the vantage score is worthless but its all I have to track the gen
  5. OK I got my answer. Its as if some AI program watches me on the interwebs. Every time I pose a question on various forums and subjects a video with the answers to my questions show up a few hours later on the youtube channel through my roku. This time it was "credit utilization has no memory" from proudmoney. I guess I could use this post as a test to see if a video comes up about being paranoid about AI programs following me on the internet???
  6. Could you elaborate on this . Push a payment to who the car rental co or my us bank credit card account? as us bank told me there was no way to prepay or pay a pending charge on my credit card??. The car rental co requires a credit card, I also want the added insurance a credit card provides , us bank wont let me pay a us bank credit card in advance or if its pending . I have tried all the ways I could find and I called us bank credit card customer services with no luck
  7. So I'm new to credit cards , 5 months with a us bank platinum as my only card , $1000 cl . I have been pif every month (statement closing the middle of the month)and playing with the balance reported on the last working day of the month (as that's when us bank reports) to see what the effects are on my vantage score, always keeping the utilization reported below 10%. I will be going to alaska in late july and putting $668 on the card for car rental resulting in a 67% utilization and wont be able to pay it down before the report is sent as it will be pending and us bank wont let me
  8. The new interface sucks , its clunky and you need to access multiple pages to see what you could on 1 page in the old interface. The expense tracker is completely useless , sometimes when I pay my us bank credit card with 1 of my other us bank accounts it counts it as spending and shows up in the spending tracker , sometimes it doesn't?? so if I have $3000 total in all my accounts and spend $2500 in the month I can get it to show I spent more than $3000 if I funnel all my expenses through my credit card and still have money left . Only 1 out of 6 times I used my credit card for gas showed up
  9. Thanks for the info. I only have the 1 card. I have never used credit in any form before . No negatives on the 3 CRAs . Before this card they always came back insufficient credit history. The score I listed is vantagescore 3.0 as I guess I need 6 months record before I get a fico score. When I got the platinum card I was calling the bank to see about a secured card as even self lender turned me down and the bank encouraged me to apply for a regular card and surprise to me I was approved. Maybe It was because I have been with the bank for more than 25 years without any overdrafts or i
  10. So I got started building a credit history and score late I'm 61 and retired . I have had my us bank platinum card for 4 months . I have used it a little and kept my utilization reported to the credit bureaus under 10% , I pay off the card in full each month 695 to 708 cs in that time. I want to use the card for most of my monthly spending for the fraud protection instead of using my debit card. Question 1. My credit card limit is $1000 . In 1 billing cycle I want to pay for all my monthly expenses and spend about $3000. Can I spend $500 then pay it off and repeat during the billing cycl
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