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  1. I hope someone on here can give me some reasonable advice. I have a credit card that I have had for 25 years, it was my very first credit card that my father cosigned so I could get it. Approximately 13 years ago my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and he passed away about 7 years ago. Once diagnosed, under guidance of our lawyer we retained, all assets with my fathers name in it were transferred. In the interim, the credit card was changing bank ownerships and for some reason the bills started out with my name only, then my name and my dad's name and lastly only my dad's name. When
  2. I am in a situation I've never heard before. I have had one credit card that I've had for 25 years it was my very first credit card where my dad cosigned for it. So I've had it all these years it's changed bank ownership multiple times. 12 years ago my dad got diagnosed with Alzheimer's and 7 years ago my dad passed away from it. After he passed away I called up the credit card company because all this time my name and my father's name was attached to the credit card and during the bank ownership changes the bill went from having my name on it to having my name and my father's name on it to la
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