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  1. But the CRA has the incorrect DOFD than the OC. What do you mean there is nothing to dispute? I am sorry, but I am confused.
  2. Got it! Ok, I will have to dispute.. DOFD was 2015 with OC and that is where I was confused. Thanks so.much, everyone!
  3. Thanks! Will the DOFD go.by the date with the original creditor or the date the CRA took over? With the way it's reporting now, seems like my score will not improve until then. 😞 Fyi,.I can't seem to get a reply from admin about my old acct. But, maybe that takes time.
  4. But then how does the debt age? They are reporting every month as of the reporting is current new info.
  5. I have always loved this group but I have been away for a while and now I need guidance again. I have some accounts in collections and I have questions if these CRA's can report this way. Here is an example of one of the four on my report from different agencies. What confuses me is how they are updating the "Balance updated" to the current month every month. My FICO cannot even begin to recover. This seems wrong to me and illegal. Please help! Portfolio Recov Access Original Creditor: Cap1 $1,980 Balance updated: 3/21/2021 Acct number
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