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  1. mamiof3

    AMEX luv

    WOW!! I'll have to remember that!
  2. I would try recon since the account wasn't yours... except i think you have enough store cards... only go for majors now and work on CLI. The only way it would be worth it is if you are a big macy's shopper. Yea that's what I think since I am NOT a big Macy's shopper. ABout the only thing I buy there is DH's cologne.
  3. mamiof3

    AMEX luv

    When I called AMEX to activate my card and requested a CLI they said I'd hear from them in 7-10 days so I thought for sure it would be denied. Received a letter today...CLI is now $4000, up from $2000! Never in my wildest dreams, when a year I go I couldn't get a card at Target!
  4. make that 7!! Just checked again!! wow, 2 in one day - today is turning out to be a great day. i hope it ain't a fluke. anyone else getting some unexpected EX deletes today? Congrats! Delete with the other 2 bureaus. It was hit and miss with me, never knew who'd delete or who'd ignore. Just keept a record of everything.
  5. Well Macys sent me a letter that said they couldn't give me cc because I owed their company something but I never had a Macy's card before! Still ahven't heard from Sears BUT Came home yesterday and there was a call from someone about BofA. I called today, asked me soem questions about an old charge off on my report (last stuck baddie from 1999) did I file BK, I said no never, came back and said OK we've approved you for $1,000 expect the card in 7-10 days, I almost fell over! Macys can stick it! I have Chase, AMEX and BofA. 2 years ago I had squat and now I'm a homeowner and have credit! I have come full circle...thanks to CB and all you wonderful members!
  6. Great feeling huh? Congrats! Don't worry about scores right now, there'll be times when it actually goes down. Remember also that TC is FACO anyway. Your FICO will yo yo (look at mine) and while that me seem disheartening its a fact, in the long run however, it will pay off!
  7. We need to use the paper reports from the big three when repairing BUT they aren't 100% accurate. But this is what we need to dispute from, not TC.
  8. Really? We closed on the 17, I wonder when it will report.
  9. MISSED THIS???---->Please Read Before Posting - NEWBIES START HERE yes, yes, I've been through probably more of that than most newbies actually read when they show up, and I frequently refer back to it... the "B" or "B*" thing is just something I've consistently missed or been unable to find... and when I go digging in the glossary's or dictionaries, it's defined as "bump" as in "to move your post to the top of the list. B does mean bump. Meaning that when you pull your credit daily, the soft inquiries generated will eventually "bump" off hard ones. On TU and EQ ONLY. That is the main reason I use TC, to get rid of the Inqs. But I'm also obsessive about checking for changes in my reported balances, watching for new accounts to begin reporting, and waiting for items to be removed during a dispute. If you're just starting out, I recommend getting your FICO scores so you have a baseline to work from, as was stated previously. Then it's up to you how often you purchase them after that. If you want to keep a close eye on your reports for monitoring or other reasons, and you would like to get the B benefits from daily pulls, sign up for TC too. FYI, there is quite a bit of info around here about B, and lots of newbie posts on the subject too, so some of the old-timers tend to get a bit testy when you ask again. We need to remember that to be successful in our credit repair we need to begin by acquiring a lot of knowledge. This isn't about newbies against old timers and not wanting to help out and getting testy. There are 2 reasons I feel that as you put it some cb member get testy #1 When this question is asked, the implications are that the newbie has not started with the newbie area, because the question of *B* is explained there. IF a member has not thoroughly read that area, then he/she will not be adequately prepared for everything that lies ahead in their credit repair process. I know, I've been there, and I spent hours scouring those pages, taking notes and rereading before even attempting to start. #2 There are trolls from the credit industry that read these boards too and it could be quite possible that the *B* process will be done away with. Remember, B doesn't work for EX. While I don't consider myself and old timer, I do understand the need for all of us to read the newbie section thoroughly. I didn't understand everything the first time I read it and maybe that's why it took me some time to get through it but it definately is worth it! This board and members like George have assisted me in making my credit repair process successful. But I did my homework also and it wasn't easy but after 15 months, we bought our house and I am now in prime coutnry after years of bad credit he#^!
  10. Well, after CJ, Orchard was the first card I opened during my credit repair journey and I'm grateful. But, I'm now in prime country..(AMEX, Chase) Unless they waive my fee coming up in Dec, I will probably close it but since I PIF every month I really can't say anything bad about them.
  11. mamiof3

    Wish me luck!

    Congrats and good luck!

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