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  1. Paid the other account that was not reporting on my credit reports. It was still with the original creditor and they were able to take the payment by phone. For the one reporting on TransUnion only. I am to do today! Fill out the “Dispute Form” in my hand writing with a blue pen (used your example) Will be using priority mail only with proof of delivery to send out Wait for a full response from TransUnion (sounds like I should be getting a letter) Do they have a time to respond? Thanks, Why Chat
  2. My score never seems to leave 680 regardless! These are my current cards Capital One Credit Line: $3,500.00 Balance: $2797.33 Available: $702.67 Discover Credit Line: $7,100 Balance: $1740.30 Available: $5,360 Belk Rewards: Credit Line: $1200 Balance: $24.82 Available: $1175.00 Belk MasterCard Credit Line: $2900 Balance: $368.00 Available: $2532.00
  3. Guessing this will be taken off the table as well and see if I can put extra on some cards as allowed. Don't know what happen to my response. Maybe my submit reply did not go through. I took this part of the advice and applied to the following. Capital One - said not qualified for any new offers and denied lowering the rate on the one I have Discover - said I pre-qualified for the discover it. I didn't continue because I already have that card and unsure if the rate would be different American Express - pre-qualified me but only for $1000
  4. Yes! The original creditor information matches. Looked at my last bill and I looked at the credit report. That probably is an accurate date. My last bill received 01/2020 shows exams done and date around 04/2019 I had a biopsy done. Sample sent to a pathology lab. So the bill is from the pathologist lab. I was speaking of the other medical bill that is not reporting (always had to pay by phone/no website payment system). Now the one reporting, I use to make payments on their website (pathology lab). So I logg
  5. Well, I thought I was going step by step . https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html MIB Report – I was just very curious (Misread somehow on the address part. I don’t expect deletion because one is my childhood home. The other is a PO Box that is not mine. What is the date of medical service on the one reporting?? Placed for collection: 04/08/2020 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: Collection Agency/Attorney Balance: $2623 Date Updated: 02/26/2021 Original Amount: $2623 Original Creditor: Company Name Pa
  6. In regards to post Right now I only see one reporting as a collection. May have time to make payment on the other before it goes on the credit report Done: First start by opting out, this prevents your data from being sold to data miners. Done: Get your credit reports directly from each Credit Reporting Agency, you need reports with an individual ID# Done: (nothing listed but was curious) Get your MEDICAL INFORMATION BUREAU (MIB) REPORT Done: (did yesterday - asking for written response) (guess that was correct to see correction in writ
  7. I don't stress on whether change will ever take place anymore. I just try to do what I think is best, try to make sure there is always a small amount of savings, and try to keep my credit/debt matters where hopefully I can take care of myself if this goes sideways for the last time. Was almost out five years ago but one of the children struggled with that but they are older now and see more. I do what I can to keep my sanity. My income would need to increase even more and my debt reduced even more to afford being on my own completely which I’m always trying to figure out whether I/he stay or g
  8. I'll never know. Tried it before and spouse always felt he was doing more. So now we have separate accounts and pay half and spouse still fear I don't pull my weight, that he's doing more, or that I don't pay bills as should, or that I'm hiding money, or that blah, blah, blah, blah although he gets to see every penny and see the half but still issue. I think you already have the right conclusion. I believe in having a savings plus getting rid of some debt where as spouse believes pay off all debt and have no savings to fall back on which I fear will bring us back to cred
  9. thanks hdporter I appreciate what you are saying. Small debt that stresses the heck out of me when adding in everything else each month. Guess I can try posting in the credit forum also just to see if the interest rates can be lowered or maybe consolidate but not with our home.
  10. Started on this yesterday. Thanks for the response, will reach out after all the steps have been taken.
  11. I’m seeking advice. I don’t know what to do here. These are the options I’m considering! Current on almost all debt except medical due to loss of income last year. Keep making minimum payments Pay extra when I can Consolidate debt into one big loan (debt consolidation with a personal loan) File for bankruptcy I’m currently working a seasonal job that will be ending soon earn around 1800 a month (work overtime as much as possible)/ Spouse on SSA around $1000 a month. Numbers below are debts. We are current on everything. Student Loan (Me)
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