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  1. Short, and to the point. You'll have to forgive me, fear clouds the mind. I do appreciate the help.
  2. Thank you. Pity about the arbitration. So I would submit the linked document to the court to answer. Very helpful. Assuming I do call, and we are able to agree on an amount, is there documentation I should request from them to be assured I am not burned? Or would a verbal from the collections rep be sufficient, and could I pay on the spot?
  3. Thank you! Nowhere near being young, but since the alternative is to lay back down and die, and I've been dying for quite a number of years, I now choose to live and do whatever I can to live fully with the time I have left. Since I do in fact have an index finger as cv91915 pointed (get it?) out, I'll see if I can google the SOL. Not sure how to find out if I've exceeded it though...would it be safe/ok to call the original creditor, Capital One? And, since I am being sued, I'll see if I can find the appropriate thread on arbitration etc HOWEVER: at this
  4. Original creditor on this one is Capital One. How would I go about finding a copy of the original agreement? Probably also worth checking on the SOL, if you can point me in the correct direction on that also. Addendum: Per my post in the "I've been served" forum, I strongly believe they have filed, using an alternate request. I have checked the local courts website and I do see the filing. So I will want to take action quickly. Let me know what information I can provide to these forums that might be helpful as well. I can list what the court site says as far as actions taken, if t
  5. Well I am being sued, just confirmed it with the Superior Court website. Perhaps via newspaper posting or some such? Yes it is a legitimate debt, CC that went to collections. I suspect it's within the SOR as well. 4 years iirc? I tried to pay it off with the original debt holder a few years back which prolly reset it. An edit: perhaps this is just a filing? Im no lawyer that's for sure. Just because there is a case #, perhaps that doesn't mean much. Theres been a summons issued, and a case assignment, but it just dawned on me that this prolly isn't going to proceed until/unless I'm
  6. Hey all, hope your day is going well. I'm getting ready to call Unicorp to try and settle a debt. I am looking for general dos and donts. I know not to offer up any info, I know not to make any payments without an agreement. That's about it. Also curious what % they might settle for on a 15k debt. Their firm just filed a suit against me in CA and I'd rather settle than fight, but my funds are quite limited.
  7. Ok here we are. I am indeed being sued by a law firm, "Kenosian & Miele, LLP" on behalf of Unifund CCR, LLC. Not sure how they can sue without serving me, but that's what the letter says. I'd prefer to settle, and I could conceivably do so but unless they offer payments there is no way I can pay 50%-75%. 33% is about the best I could swing. I have already been successfully sued for an equal amount for another creditor entirely. Thinking I will post this info in the "So you've been served" forum if that's allowed. Where might I find dos and donts of calling these collection agen
  8. Thanks. Yeah that was just some unnecessary rambling on my part about my old score. I am not even to the stage of rebuilding my credit. My current goal is simply to resolve the debt in the best way possible. I will collect the info about who now holds the debts...I am just getting back on my feet after years on the street, so that would indeed be a good first step. I guess what I'm looking for first off would be common pitfalls when contacting these creditors. For example, if I call them to try negotiating a settlement or whatever, what to say and what not to say.
  9. Hello all. This looks to be a solid community. Once upon a time I had an 835 FICA, now I'm afraid to check. How low does the score actually go (lol)? After years in the gutter, am now taking the actions to make things right. This legalese type stuff always caused major anxiety for me when I was doing well, moreso now, so this forum is a godsend. The situation today, more or less: - Was served a couple years ago on one maxed-out, charged-off credit card, ~15,000.00. I never took any action. - Second identically-sized debt with a different card, also charged off. Fr
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