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  1. Its a medical bill, that I did not pay, but should haven been covered thru insurance. im looking at each report on their site. transunion.com & experian.com. It was actually removed from Equifax. I did get an alert that it had been updated on Traansunion. Im just confused why they would update to paid, when it was not paid.
  2. I think so too. It now says "Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default." How would you respond to that?
  3. I sent out a validation letter to a medical collection on the 1st. today the 17th i got an alert that a new account was added. The account was never removed to my knowledge but it is the same Collection but now the balance says zero. Why would they do this? I haven't received any response from them. Should I wait the 30 days to see if they remove, or move forward with another letter? Thanks for any response
  4. CA #1 I.C. Systems OC: ATT U-Verse -Not showing payment history, dates are different on each bureaus. CA #2 KLS Financial Services OC: Fastmed NC I actually had insurance at that time I am also signed up for identity monitoring
  5. I sent a validation letter to a CA, and I gave a copy of my ID and copy of my social. Rookie mistake I know My question is how bad of a mistake was this? What can I expect as an outcome? I hope I this doesnt bite me in the butt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The letter didnt say anything about selling the account. It does say they will no longer accept payments, and that they will report a zero balance to the bureaus. they say they are forgiving my debt
  7. The loan was opened in 2016, charged off 2018. Balance is 11,900. The letter didnt say anything about selling it. I got the letter yesterday 8/21/2021
  8. Hi everyone, I am a bit confused about a letter I have received from Wells Fargo. It is an old auto loan that was charged off in 2018 (repo). I have only removed addresses and frozen lexisnexis,innovis, etc at this point. I received a letter from WF stating that due to the age of my account they are cancelling the balance, and will no longer attempt to collect. This seems strange to me that they would voluntarily cancel a debt before I've disputed anything. What should I do if anything regarding this letter. I'm hoping the credit Gods are just dropping a blessing down on me
  9. Thank you for responding, however that is the tactic I was using, no luck with it
  10. Thank you for answering my question, I will proceed and hope to dispute with much success with addresses in take. THANK YOU!!!
  11. Hi Everyone, I have been at war with the big 3 for a few months now. I have had success with equifax and Transunion removing old addresses. However Experian just will not budge. Ive tried letters and calling and have gotten no where. My question is: Is it possible to dispute baddies off Equifax and Transunion, and once they remove items, to send some sort of follow suit letters to experian to get them to comply if the other two did? This is all hypothetical of course. I have not started disputing yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you so much for your input, I actually just received my Experian report and you are right it does show my address Id's.
  13. Hi Everyone, I requested hard copy reports from all 3. I just received my Trans report in the mail. To my surprise my report does not include date of 1st delinquency nor does it show any address identification numbers . Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do I need to request another report? Im so butt hurt, I was eager to get things rolling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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