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  1. Whats even more interesting is even after I pay it (why would I want to wait), it still lists pay over time on previous transactions!
  2. Green card actually is pretty interesting, unlimited 3X MR for travel so for a lot of people if they value MR that may be a better spot if not huge travel expenses to recoup the platinum fee cost over the green fee. I really dont travel enough for either and dont spend anywhere near enough groceries or dining for gold.
  3. Same with my blue cash everyday card. I would imagine most BCE holders are more likely to use pay over time also then platinum holders. The coupon book idea also appears to be real for most of their cards (it has saved me money in the past year but lots of the offers are places I wont use and have never heard of).
  4. All 6! all at once! Credit YEAH!! But seriously out of these probably the freedom for the grocery money.
  5. had no idea this company existed. Learn something new everyday on here.
  6. Wonder if they will come out with an amex cobranded card (a new one at a lower level?)
  7. Sofi has mostly mixed reviews. As a company im not sure I would want to invest in someone buying up student loans and repackaging the debt. It feels like every other day I hear someone chanting about student loan forgiveness though so who knows they may get too big to fail and get a bailout when all the kiddos decide the 40K a year college degree is not able to easily pay off the 60K debt once interest rates start to rise due to the unavoidable incoming inflation.
  8. Yeah no surprise. They would be smarter to offer some form of stable crypto and harvest the opportunity before people realize its nonsense.
  9. Well thats probably good for some folks, unfortunately not to useful for me. Was hoping for some form of either fixed or rotating 5% back card from them or maybe a travel card that offers some way to magnify points like chase or amex.
  10. Yeah hard to beat UR with MR a close second in my opinion (mainly because without the Schwab card its hard to turn into Cash at a good redemption value). I still consider that 80K SUB Citi premier has and may take it if it still exists next year with the intent to use it on either Virgin Atlantic or JetBlue points transfers quickly then convert the card within a year to the Custom Cash no annual fee card. I think with Virgin I could likely use the credit for Delta flights and actually get good award value (mostly because with elite status on delta it makes it a bit easier to get decent upgrades when combining with delta miles after the ticket is booked. Its probably worth about $1K to me, just opened enough cards for a while so have to wait and it may be gone but oh well. I do like the idea of the custom cash for groceries. What is this that the Premier refers too?: "Plus, enjoy an Annual Hotel Savings Benefit
  11. I wonder if you could take out a personal loan at lower interest rate through a bank to help pay them off?
  12. Oh no, that is awful. Ok can you cancel it (the point redemption) for your wife? It used to be thank you points could be pooled. If it still is the case consider transferring to your son and cashing out that way instead. CapOne Venture I used to have used to greatly devalue points if I tried to cash out for statement credit (I of course never did). You may wish to try and reverse your wifes cash out then transfer the points then product change her to Custom cash? What a pain in the ass though huh? In contrast Chase seems to be making it easier and easier to cash out (and frankly for all the bad press both my WF Active cash and my Propel easily cash out at 1cent/pt although active cash converts it into currency when transfer points from Propel). I really dont know why banks make some of the crapier cards difficult. It makes people want to go to a simpler bank.
  13. I did not see a thread for this but maybe we should make a thread about odd ball cards that appear to still have good benefits but otherwise may be hard to find or get? https://www.aodfcu.com/credit-cards/ Look at the Visa Signature to the right... Probably only good if you happen to live in northern Alabama but 3% back on everything seems pretty good.
  14. Nothing opened in June but interestingly I opened an WF Activecash in Aug and had opened a Sapphire back when it was the 80K bonus (I think april?) before it went to 100K SUB. I product changed my CapOne Venture to a Quicksilver but thats it for the past 12 months or so, Just before that I did open an Amex Blue cash everyday for grocery but nothing in the 2 years before that. I dont intend to open any more for a while unless something spectacular comes out. This brought me up to 7 cards but only one with a annual fee now (Chase Sapphire). Unless SUB is spectacular I wont do annual fee and even then it has to be atleast equivalent to 4 years or more annual fee.
  15. Thats really an interesting card, they essentially rolled two former cards benefits that used to be combined as two no annual fee cards into a single entity and made it by invitation (likely to compete with other brokerage cards) : the WF Propel benefits + WF visa signature were the two former products which emulated this when had together. 4.5% back for tairfare is certainly not a bad deal with no annual fee, but I too dont want someone else managing my brokerages
  16. I only have ever applied for a Barclays card once (one of the travel cards, not sure which it was anymore), it was about 2.75 years ago at this point and I got declined. Its still the only time I have been ever declined for a card and too this day I dont know why although the letter they sent gave some vague report about too many new credit lines (which is surprising as I had only opened 1 card in the previous two years leading up to that). I thought it was a mistake so called the number for second consideration at the time and they still declined me (again in writing another letter thereafter). I decided to give up thereafter and in hindsight it never really mattered. Back then my credit would have been roughly 780-790 FICO and my debt 0 having recently paid off any last vestige of student loans in a 100K chunk with an income of about 200-300K so to this day im surprised. I really have no impetus to use there products as none are competitive for me now. I dont hear anything good about them as a bank.
  17. It works for China! Clearly we should adopt this safe and prudent social equity benefit!
  18. While this is awful and another reason to avoid cards with annual fees if possible it sounds like there is a way to fix it with a carefully crafted letter? You should definitely write it and explain the circumstances, tell them you were saving up for a house so didnt use cards much. There is another easy way to prevent stuff like this from getting out of control and that is to use a free finance site like mint from intuit, personal capital or YNAB and check it atleast weekly. I like mint because I like intuit products and it was the first one I used so am familiar with it in general but lots of others like some of the alternates.
  19. Not sure I understand the whole credit union advantage thing to begin with unless one is buying insurance? Online banks pay more interest and the cards dont seem all that special. Why bother with a credit union.
  20. The opposite would be far more interesting. A carbon credits reward card with similar features that rewards tradable carbon credits as ETF shares... they actually have a value to the companies which use them. Infact Barclays should issue it and tie it to a brokerage, although I dont particularly like barclays cards... https://www.etf.com/GRN#overview Even more interesting would be an option to use rewards points to get options against the ETF you could also trade them for...
  21. Wow I agree I thought it was the same price too, yeah if they are selling same product, same time, but one with 50% markup for BNPL that is really predatory. It makes me wonder other stuff. Can teenagers do BNPL? Seems way more vicious then I thought. 50% is worse then a pay day loan.
  22. In other news they are planning to change the name to "The Inflation" to better portray todays consumer
  23. I will play devils advocate for a bit as the post was entertaining (mostly due to the Neanderthal and irreversible brain damage points, afterall whos to say how many Neanderthals with irreversible brain damage are left in this pandemic ravaged world before they all go extinct). So the common trait the author of that article (for better or worse) was pointing out was they are common points of inflation. They are both considered in CPI for example: APPAREL (men's shirts and sweaters, women's dresses, jewelry); TRANSPORTATION (new vehicles, airline fares, gasoline, motor vehicle insurance); It is true for most people one is a capitol good and the other not but on average both depreciate over time, in the USA both are necessity's for a large portion of the working population, both are driven up by inflation. For the most part in the USA neither are Veblen goods (boutique jeans and Ferrari's not withstanding) As for the sale part, pretty much everything goes on sale monthly at Levi's. In fact the sale portion is a permanent part of the site, I can not recall a time that there were not sales... again like the auto industry pre covid era (chip shortage not withstanding). As far as houses go, the recent covid era housing boom has also driven prices up tremendously. The jeans really dont seem to be outpacing them, although it may indeed be many of the same consumers getting new mortgages as fast as possible who are running into retail stores. I agree though, a house retains value much better then jeans with a few collectable exceptions making it a poor example. Which is why houses are not part of CPI... but rent is. I do agree with you on the buy now pay later point you were making however.
  24. The Jeans still appear available for $30-$40: https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/sale/mens-sale/c/levi_clothing_men_sale_us/facets/productitemtype/jeans This article still holds true despite the recent inflation: https://carvedinblue.tencel.com/stefano-aldighieri-denim-price/ But yeah people certainly buy what they cant afford and always have. It may be different if financial literacy was taught as a 9th grade class and then people were expected to work for 2 hrs a day in HS as part of the curriculum. They could get graded on their work.
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