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  1. So I have a side story on this, years ago now, several years before the scandal broke into the open I and my older brother were about to start a car lot and we went to Wells Fargo for banking, needless to say they opened several accounts and products that we didnt request at all or sign off on and we ended up closing the accounts and walking into a Chase bank and opening an account. We never did go forward with that business as the property just was not worth the price so that company was dissolved but this was years before the scandal. I DO think service has improved since the scandal and I
  2. Yeah, I actually had that card too and I consider it because of the simplicity of getting another. I product switched it to Costco card (also citi) and have used that extensively. Still because of my profession I have lots of expenses that really dont fit into standard categories so for me 2% back on about 7-14K a year is worth opening a card for. What someone should really make is a third category of card thats not personal or business specifically dedicated to working professionals who work for others. I can say in the medical community it likely would be super popular as less and less p
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/select/wells-fargo-launch-new-no-annual-fee-active-cash-credit-card/ Pretty interesting for me especially since I was still vacillating between going BOA route, getting a fidelity brokerage flat 2% back card, or getting a citi double cash. I have been VERY happy overall with my WF Propel travel card. This new one has a sign on bonus! Just when I think they are trying to not be competitive when they stopped issuing new Propels they do this. People nocked the propel as not amazing or very transferable to travel partners but I thought 3% travel, dine, streamin
  4. Wish this had existed when I got a blue cash everyday card (AE). This would make a good grocery card for me, I only spend about $300 a month on that outside costco.
  5. No dont chuck it, this is a job for a roku stick or firetv stick. make it useful again.
  6. Good, just in time I reopened my Sapphire card
  7. I recently opened a new CSP and am happy with it and gradually moving toward my sign on bonus by using it for basically all of my spending except gas but noticed the credit limit they gave me is kind of odd and less then my chase freedom card (which itself was nerfed by chase by them cutting the limit in 1/2 during the pandemic). Is it acceptable for me to ask them to swap my limits and make my freedom limit my sapphire limit and vice versa. Is there any negative repercussion to my credit? Freedom limit is 37.5K (formerly 75K as a Sapphire then converted then they cut the limit in 1/2 late
  8. I think this will definitely be something I look into, I never actually swipe cards anymore for in person stuff (Costco and Costco gas, Target, Carrs (safeway), even car service stuff), I just need to figure out what percent of transactions are in person vs online. I kind of have a sinking feeling more of my spend is online then expected because a lot is professional fees or the like for licenses. It will be worth me looking into at that rate of return though. I think when I retire in 10 years or so my travel spend will go through the roof, just not there yet.
  9. https://www.usbank.com/credit-cards/altitude-reserve-visa-infinite-credit-card.html It says mobile wallet 3X? Is there some way to boost it to 4.5% (is it like 50% more for travel or something?)
  10. I like apple pay actually. Wish it was universal. Just use your card wherever you would via phone.
  11. https://www.valuepenguin.com/deserve-edu-credit-card-review I know students use passport number and a US address. It probably could be a PMB box.
  12. Agree completely and had it in the past and regret loosing it (see the hotels.com venture year above). Lots of those gift cards are Hyatt actually so I will definitely get it back this year (combined with the 50% lower status requirements for 2021). I think after using up gift cards I should easily be at 10 nights (probably in the form of #2 5 day vacations), If I end up doing a third that puts me in explorist status. The other gift cards I need to use aup are delta to try and keep my silver status which should be super easy. The other idea was to possibly let delta go but challenge alask
  13. Thanks, I didnt even know that existed, I will look into it too. Its really between going the BOA route for everyday spend in travel use or just taking the easy way out with something like citi double cash or that fidelity card (I use TD, 2 fidelity accounts, 2 ally accounts as brokerages). Im really amazed the big brokers dont have more compelling card options. It looks like BOA/ Merrill Edge may be the best followed by the 2% back fidelity option. Unfortunately fidelity does not appear to have a new sign on bonus. Merrill does. I used to use Chase You invest but it was so low powered I
  14. Yeah they were polite about it but basically two reps stated it was not possible to convert that credit line so I decided to just keep it (its no fee and is a decent card even if just use it for dining and deals through WF/AMEX). I think I will try the BOA card but have to plan how im moving one of my brokerage accounts carefully so it does not disrupt the value of the holdings as much (Merril Edge from Ally). It seems like a better version of the venture with no annual fee which makes it a winner for me. The Venture really has no option but to make it a Savor one (no annual fee) d
  15. Well my CSP application with referral from my brother (he gets 15K points, I get 80K) was approved, and it appears the hotel.com card can not be converted to from the propel (I will keep the propel as a restaurant card). So that leaves me with 6 cards now: Chase Freedom visa (rotating 5% back) Costco visa citi card: (gas 4% and costco 2%, costco gas is cheapest in my city) WF Propel for (3% back restaurants or possibly 3% back travel when not using CSP) Cap One Venture (maybe convert to Savor? I want to leave the credit line open) Amex Blue Everyday (3% back groc
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