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  1. While this is awful and another reason to avoid cards with annual fees if possible it sounds like there is a way to fix it with a carefully crafted letter? You should definitely write it and explain the circumstances, tell them you were saving up for a house so didnt use cards much. There is another easy way to prevent stuff like this from getting out of control and that is to use a free finance site like mint from intuit, personal capital or YNAB and check it atleast weekly. I like mint because I like intuit products and it was the first one I used so am familiar with it in general but lot
  2. Not sure I understand the whole credit union advantage thing to begin with unless one is buying insurance? Online banks pay more interest and the cards dont seem all that special. Why bother with a credit union.
  3. The opposite would be far more interesting. A carbon credits reward card with similar features that rewards tradable carbon credits as ETF shares... they actually have a value to the companies which use them. Infact Barclays should issue it and tie it to a brokerage, although I dont particularly like barclays cards... https://www.etf.com/GRN#overview Even more interesting would be an option to use rewards points to get options against the ETF you could also trade them for...
  4. Wow I agree I thought it was the same price too, yeah if they are selling same product, same time, but one with 50% markup for BNPL that is really predatory. It makes me wonder other stuff. Can teenagers do BNPL? Seems way more vicious then I thought. 50% is worse then a pay day loan.
  5. In other news they are planning to change the name to "The Inflation" to better portray todays consumer
  6. I will play devils advocate for a bit as the post was entertaining (mostly due to the Neanderthal and irreversible brain damage points, afterall whos to say how many Neanderthals with irreversible brain damage are left in this pandemic ravaged world before they all go extinct). So the common trait the author of that article (for better or worse) was pointing out was they are common points of inflation. They are both considered in CPI for example: APPAREL (men's shirts and sweaters, women's dresses, jewelry); TRANSPORTATION (new vehicles, airline fares, gasoline, motor vehicle insu
  7. The Jeans still appear available for $30-$40: https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/sale/mens-sale/c/levi_clothing_men_sale_us/facets/productitemtype/jeans This article still holds true despite the recent inflation: https://carvedinblue.tencel.com/stefano-aldighieri-denim-price/ But yeah people certainly buy what they cant afford and always have. It may be different if financial literacy was taught as a 9th grade class and then people were expected to work for 2 hrs a day in HS as part of the curriculum. They could get graded on their work.
  8. So the new Quicksilver I received is indeed a Visa and not an MC (actually as expected but was hopeful for the MC), just closing the loop so if converting from a CapOne visa will get another Visa even if new issues are a MC.
  9. That card seems to be all about supermarkets + Dining with reasonable midlevel airline rewards tacked on. If you are sure you can use the uber eats credit then I think that makes the annual fee atleast for now: $250-$120= $130. The SUB is 60K MR so reasonably could value at $660 if you value MR at 1.1c / point (the Schwab cash out rate). It would therefore take 5 years to end up a net loss assuming no other benefits beyond uber eats and SUB. The other question to see is: is the 4MR for dine and grocery (4.4% back in theory) worth pursuing? The 3.3% back in airfare is nice but easily match
  10. I seriously considered platinum but that fee scares me a bit. The first year ofcourse is paid for with the 125K some offers give + the small business 15X is certainly worth more then the $695 fee but to me personally I would not value it more then the upcoming 1.1c charles schwab cash out rate so its reasonable to say its worth $1375 + a bit more if you use some of the bundled cash back but otherwise its about two years worth of annual fee, to me thats not attractive. It would be if I traveled a ton or used airline lounges, but im not at present and I dont know when I will be as im focused m
  11. Before custom cash existed I was happy to switch mine to Costco (my DC) and I do use it because Costco accounts for all my gas and 1/2 my grocery but overall the Custom Cash is a superior card, especially if max out the $500 on one category anyway each month. If I had not opened a bunch of other stuff I would get one for a Grocery card for all the non costco grocery's. I currently use a blue cash everyday for that because I dont shop enough to make the blue cash preferred worth it in grocery cost.
  12. Thats definitely glitched, calling sounds like such a pain but I actually had good recent luck with wellsfargo once i got past the horrid AI menu and was able to talk with a person. I think AI menu may be possibly the worst customer service experience any business could have.
  13. Looks like it also has a no annual fee version: https://www.creditonebank.com/credit-cards/wander-no-fee Wonder how many amusement parks and national park fees one could go to? Wonder if hotels at NP would count. How do some other cards code disney world for example? Maybe good if someone with a family?
  14. The Chase sapphire is pretty good in my opinion. 100K points worth at minimum $1250 + a $50 hotel credit for a $95 fee the first year seems like a pretty good SUB, opinions will vary though.
  15. Its right of course but that is why the alternative debt avalanche method was made. The snow ball is not the most efficient but is psychologically easy and rewarding as it reduces the number of moving parts the fastest rather then maximizing efficiency of repayment.
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