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  1. Yes just 30 day lates. her fico score is 740. on what else would Amex look?
  2. If this is an existing topic please target it out. on my wife's credit report shows 2 late payments one in beginning of 19' and the other from 17' as of now her score is 740 with a few old tradelines, no new accounts, no inquiries the last few years. My question is if the old late payments can be a reason for denial for new applications? Does it depend in the banks? (I wanna apply for Chase).
  3. Talking about codes, what's about the e-Oscar code what they use for disputes, is there anyway it could help me knowing it? Is it possible to open a dispute with a reason that wouldn't fit in any code, they should have to work on it manually?
  4. I'm new to this channel, sorry if I ask a stupid question. what makes the difference with what code the account is being reported and in general what will help me if I know the codes they use, will it be easier with repair?
  5. Didn't realize, they close 7pm will try tommorrow
  6. Thanks, It's the first credit union I found who offers balance transfers with no fee, also it looks like they give high limits.
  7. I find here on credit boards that to become a member in AHFCU you just need to make a donation to kids-n-hope foundation, but when I go onto their website there is no option to donate. anyone with experience?
  8. I have an amex card with 5k credit limit and need for vacation a cc to use up to 30k. I'm not intersted to build my credit i just need the highest limit possible. Actually I can do both what should I do first?
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