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  1. Pasty. Not pale. Where is Thor? Chasing after his homely, pasty daughter...
  2. If you are in the Naples area - Clam Pass Park and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Roadhouse Cafe and Stonewood Grill in Ft. Myers.
  3. Snork stalks me via email. I think she may be up to something.
  4. There she is. We miss you around these parts. When is Ugby #2 coming? right OC!!!??? Is the child wearing you out? I am worn down. I am so tired of her. I am fresh off of a rant from Ugby about me being "mean" and a "grouch".
  5. There she is. We miss you around these parts. When is Ugby #2 coming? The world is not ready for another one. I am not joking. Really. I am not joking.
  6. Ugby has gotten even uglier. I didn't think it was possible. We are on the verge of buying her a burka, so she doesn't scare people when we go out in public.
  7. I love my Surface Pro. The micro-sd is nice. Get the docking station. I have it and find it to be useful. It has USB ports, a mini display port and an ethernet port (I think).
  9. I don't have any recent emails from you. Last one was a few months ago. :wave: Hey girl! How is the chase going? Ugby has worn me down. I am a sad little shell of my former self.
  10. I am not on Facebook. Some strange Russian chick sends me screenshots of people talking about me behind my back, though... :wave:
  11. 1. Nikki Nue and Labyrinthine have a lot in common. Almost like they are the same person... 2. A lot of people are in denial about how ugly their babies are... 3. Gulag Pom-Poms are a thing...
  12. You just earned two weeks of babysitting Ugby... I miss most of you all. Not Snork, though.
  13. Ugby has me tired and wore out. I don't get over this way much. I hope that everyone is doing okay.
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