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  1. We were thinking about getting another house next year and the loan officer said if he co-signed it would appear as if he had the debt and would count towards his DTI as well. Right now our mortgage is only 1545 but not sure how much house we want
  2. Anyone run into this... Credit unions algorithm calculated I pay 2800 monthly in student loans because there was no payment listed. I presented documentations and checking withdrawals indicating my student loan is only 368 a month. She said my DTI was on 17% but still wanted a co-signer because they told the dealership they "felt" I had more monthly debt?? No, my husband makes significantly more than I do so he pays all the household expenses and I pay my student loan and $900 personal loan and $50 cell bill but that's it. Very confused by that statement and wonde
  3. Makes sense. I'll give that a try I have a mask and work in heathcare so had both shots so not as uncomfortable with in person contact.
  4. What do you think about my odds with Navy considering what Justice had to say? I'm not sure if it's just because I only make $66k and don't have a home loan and havent had a car loan for 13 years and trying to get a car for $70k
  5. On another note, if you're applying for an auto loan and they need to pull 3 before approval, do all inquiries remain or only the pull from the lender that approved?
  6. You're right. I guess anything over $30k is luxury to me. Its a used 2020 lincoln aviator
  7. I saved about $11k-ish for the taxes, title, etc so reallllly didnt want to put anything down ..and only looked at the one credit union. I thought about Navy but I already have $50k in credit cards (zero balances) so thought I would run into the same thing so wanted to get advice before submitting apps
  8. I suppose 3 seems fair. Again I've not purchased a car in 13 + years so not sure how it goes but I guess no point in working to improve credit it you're afraid to use it 🙂
  9. What are lending options for luxury cars no more than $70k? My credit score between the 3 bureaus fluctuates between 798 and 804. I already have a 40k personal loan, salary 68k and live with my fiancé but no other bills Any advice so I can avoid the dealer shopping me around with multiple credit pulls Also my last car purchase was 13 years ago..I know I tend to keep cars, so Justice (who I have the personal loan with) told me I had limited credit exposure (only credit cards) and would only finance up to $50k
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