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  1. Thank you both once more for all the help and the great resources. I'll update this thread as the case progresses for future reference in hopes of helping others.
  2. Hi All, I stopped by the court and the summons is not valid, the CA just created a look-a-like. The records department told me that this is a common tactic by them, but almost always they see this CA file a true summons about a week before the bogus one expires
  3. Hi Centex - I apologies for not being clear regarding this: I meant sending the check to the CA. Hi Why Chat - I'm in Jefferson. Also, thank you for the link with the credit Statues in Colorado. Looks like a lot of great information, I'll read through this tonight after work. From what I've seen already also, if the Summons is not valid, then under 5-16-107 (j) this is not legal either. Thank you once more for all the help!
  4. Hi Centex - Thank you very much for this response. I've tried to get some information from the local court but given our recent snow storm in Colorado everything has been closed down. Planning to go by tomorrow and speak with a Clerk to see if I can find something. Not going into detail I did have a feeling it was going to be a lose-lose situation by asking to leave the docs under the mat. I just googled the civil process and will make sure to dive deep into this, thank you for the recommendation. Hi Why Chat - Thank you also for your response. I'm in Colorado. I did a quick searc
  5. Hi All, There was a "guy" who came knocking on my door and wanted to leave some paperwork for me. My girlfriend said I was not home and asked him to leave, this guy threatened to come visit me at work etc. He came back a week later, and though our Ring camera I asked him to leave the paperwork underneath a mat - he did. The paperwork is a Summons to Answer. First - I'm not quite sure if this is legal and authentic as I figured I have to be served this type of paperwork. I did some research, and this CA (Professional Finance Company), has a Summons to Answer with the local cour
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