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  1. Thank you for your help. At this point I am trying to get approval for a mortgage so my main goal is to have the debt marked as satisfied/settled, and a bonus if it could be removed.
  2. It's New York State. Creditors are Kohls/Capital One - owe $1,048. Opened 2011, last active 2016. and JPMCB (Chase) - owe $780. Opened 2011, last active 2016. I'm definitely willing to speak with them for some sort of settlement, or communicating by mail if it's better. Everything I've read says that the first step is to always send a validation letter but I thought maybe it was different for OCs. My main goals are to 1) have the debt marked as paid/settled or whatever would be satisfactory and 2) have it removed from my credit report (which I know may be unlikely).
  3. I'm trying to clean up my credit reports and calling on some old credit card debts that were in collections. I've been calling the companies and a couple of the debts are still held by the original creditors and not with third parties. I know the first step is to send a debt validation letter but should that only be done for collection agencies/third parties? In this case it's with the original creditor, so would I still mail one to them? And if so would I tweak the validation letter for that? Thanks in advance.
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