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  1. I am just going to shrug the whole thing off. But I did get an email late yesterday saying someone was going to call me.
  2. I withdrew $300 in $10 bills. I can get more money from the ATM. And I asked for 'red envelopes' that they give out for Asian new year (they had none). I have asked for more cash in the past. (my girl friend gives them out to family for special occasions)
  3. I applied for a HELOC loan... what they offered was not as large as I wanted because I do not have a "verified" history of withdrawing enough from my 401K. I am capable and willing to withdraw more if I got a higher loan. But that is not why I am posting this. Last week I wrote an email to them suggesting that they should consider more than what I have historically withdrawn. The language in my email was mild. I went in today to withdraw some cash. The teller seemed nervous (I had to repeat my transaction a few times - and did not make good eye contact). Two ladies behind him looke
  4. Wimpy

    bridge loans

    re: "so you might also try one of the big banks." I looked at another bank for HELOC... it requires that you already have mortgage with them in order to apply for HELOC.
  5. Wimpy

    bridge loans

    re: HELOC from big banks. Just looked at one: "Due to current market conditions, we are temporarily suspending new applications for home equity lines of credit. Please consider one of the borrowing options below." I will keep looking.
  6. Wimpy

    bridge loans

    I got an estimate of my current home's value from the internet and I know how much I owe on my current loan. I applied for a HELOC for the difference. But I got rejected for HELOC altogether. "x Credit Union is unable to grant your request due to: Excessive Obligations in Relation to Income Insufficient Collateral" But how do they determine my income? I am retired and have a decent pension (for a fixed amount each month) and a hefty 401K from which I withdraw from as needed. They asked for 1099R statements. That only specifies what I got last year, not how much I am a
  7. Wimpy

    bridge loans

    I want to buy a house, move my stuff, then sell my old house. I just heard about bridge loans for exactly that purpose. But they do not seem to be offered by many banks. Otherwise, how to others move like that? Does everyone sell their old house first?
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