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  1. The amount is 1200. The thing is I haven’t heard anything else from the CA.
  2. Hello, I co-signed for someone who didn’t pay their loan and I have 90 day late on my credit report. This account is now paid off. Is there anyway to have these late payments removed from my credit. I know to never co-sign for someone again!!
  3. I just was following up with why chat; just to clarify. But thank you for your commnet.
  4. If I agreed to settle and this is not on my credit report will it reset the SOL? Can they now report this on my credit?
  5. This agency is a legit agency and here’s what I found: FBCS, Inc, Inc is a real, legitimate company. Originally founded in 1986 in Pennsylvania, currently headquartered in Hatboro, PA, they are a medium sized collection agency in the US. Their mailing address is 330 S Warminster Road Ste 353, Hatboro, PA 19040.
  6. I was thinking because the debt is almost 4 years old.. SOL in PA is 4 years. Also, it’s not on my credit report and was never reported by the hospital.
  7. Hello, I received a Collection letter in the mail today. I called and the woman on the phone stated can you pay a lower payment and I said yes. I know this was a mistake. But she said she will check with her manager and call me back. The collections is from a 2017 hospital bill. But there is nothing on my credit from this agency or the hospital. My questions are do I pay this debt that is not on my credit? If I do pay is will the company report to the credit bureaus? Or do I send a validation letter? I’m leaning towards not paying it but I don’t know if it will go on my credit even though it has not in 3 years? Any advice would help. Thank you!!
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