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  1. Actually no. I never disputed any of these online or via phone. The only thing I've done so far is send the initial HIPAA letters to the three CRAs as stated in the guidebook. The newest ones that were placed for collection in October, did not show up on my credit until early February. I immediately started searching for how to handle this and found your site/information. I will try sending the medical DV to the CAs for the accounts that have not been deleted as stated above. Thank you!
  2. Hello, All 3 CRAs are showing 4 entries from Medical Data Systems. 3 of these entries are non-paid collections, 1 is paid. I sent the INITIAL HIPAA DISPUTE LETTER to all 3 CRAs on January 27, 2020. I have not received any letters from the CRAs in response to my initial HIPAA dispute letter, I've only received emails. I have not followed links in the emails to receive the results, but did run new credit reports today through annual credit. The comments/remarks from each CRA as noted on the report from annual credit are below. What is my next step(s)? TU
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