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  1. The loan goes right at 2 years past the BK drop and that is the total interest for the loan. I’m not planning on opening up anything else. The only other think that I plan to do it become an AU on a Chase freedom card. It’s been open for 15 years, 35k limit, low utilization. Once everything falls off, I am planning to get a higher rewards CC for my everyday card. Who knows what kinds of cards will be out at the end of next year.
  2. I’m paying the loan off in March of next year. I wanted to have 12 months of positive installment payments reported post BK. I’m just trying to weigh the pro’s and cons of paying off the PayPal balance now vs paying it off over several months. The BK falls off in 10/2022 and all accounts included will be off by then.
  3. To go for the entire length, right at $650. That’s the main reason I want a positive 12 month history and then paying it off. I don’t mind paying a little because I did mess up but not paying the entire interest. Once the BK falls off, if all of my math is correct, I should be sitting right at an 800 score. I’m at 679 now.
  4. Hi everyone. I just have a question on deciding if I should pay this in full or over the next few month. I had to file chapter 13 in 2015. I’ve been rebuilding since discharged in June 2019. I’ve done really good with CC’s since then. I was approved for 3k with PayPal credit. I only use it for purchases over 100 so I can get 0% for 6 months. I owe $1300 on it now. (Christmas) It will be interest free until June. I needed a an installment loan so I got $3600 via Upstart. I refused more because I just need the trade line. My question is do I just pay $350 over the next few month
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