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  1. Thanks for the replies! Good news, I gave them a call and they offered to remove the lates on my report and refund the late fees.
  2. It looks like one of the cards, they credited me the full balance, and closed the account? They said it was due to inactivity. I paid off the other card in full today, did I make a mistake in doing that?
  3. So I have a couple of credit cards with annual fees from CapOne. I don't use them and they had 0 balances. Unfortunately, I missed the annual fee payment on both of them by like 5 months. Both were reported late to the CRAs and my credit score has tanked. CapOne Closed one account with a negative balance and it won't let me pay anything. The other is still open. The only charges on these accounts were annual fees, not actual credit. What is the best way to proceed here? I would appreciate any help! Thanks.
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