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  1. Thanks @CTSoxFan I like the way of looking at it that way, it is harder to calculate but if calculated, can help us feel good, and save money!
  2. Thanks! Great ideas! The main value of the Debt Snowball while ignoring interest rates is to get you into the money saving money, as opposed to feeling the whole thing is too hard, helpless, and keep spending borrowed money, increasing debt, which would be much worse than paying off the smallest debt with a lower interest rate. That being said, i think we do pay much more than the minimum amount. I will double check. Thanks!! Awesome! Thank you, all active duty and veterans for your service!!
  3. For Navy Federal, seems only relevant for Active Duty or relatives etc. I am not certain i am eligible.
  4. Thanks @CTSoxFan @hdporter so much! BH We are making around $81k. We read Dave Ramsey and are working on our debt snowball @PsychDoc Will check out Navy Federal. I once had Harvard Alumni from Barclays, one of the best cards when it was available IMHO. I see that Barclays is offering 15 months 0% APR BT with 3% BT Fee. But it seems like the answer to my question is the BA card and leverage the CL we have there. Thanks a million!
  5. Hi All - I am new here. We are looking for help on how we can move our high APR CCs to 0% with a BT to new cards. We have the following CCs with CL info. We are looking to do BTs to 0%. We opened a couple cards but got low CL, asked for a higher CL but were denied. We opened up US Bank cards to do BTs but got CL of $500 - 600. I tried asking US Bank to increase our CL to no avail. I thought we can leverage our open CL's on other CC, meaning I can lower the CL on a Citi card with 0% util and they would give me more but the CCC said it would not help. One thin
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