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  1. I use my moms debit card without her permission, i spent 25 dollars. she said she will forgive me if i pay her back, i did, But she filed a unauthorize claim, will the bank prosecute me and report me to the police for only 25 dollars, is it worth their time. This first and last time im going to do this. I regret my decision.
  2. No she filed a dispute to get her money back, but she said i had a mental problem, i have mental illness schizophrenia. I dont know what she did.
  3. will the bank prosecute me for the unauthorize charge to the police for 25 dollars, my mom forgives me, i paid her back. She file a claim to get her money back, im worried.
  4. I know i wont, I talk my counselor she my addiction drove me to do it, i bought ejuice from her card, I felt so guilty, i had to tell the truth, I did not want to hide it. I felt better when i told her, she didnt find out, i told her. Im going pay her back .
  5. I dont know why she decided to close her account because she thinks im going to transfer her money to my bank. She really paranoid. Yes i will pay her, she says she will forgive if i do.
  6. i used my moms debit card with her permission, i purchase something online for 25 dollars, she going to contact the bank to unauthorize charge, will the bank report me to the police, i said i will pay her back she accepted the deal. what will happen.
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