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  1. When you are applying for several small business credit cards around the same time, what is the maximum credit card pulls you want on each bureau?
  2. @MarvBear do you know the right strategy for this or know someone I could contact who would know?
  3. Hi, if I call and request a credit limit increase for a new chase business card I was approved for...should I also request a credit limit increase on one of my personal Chase Cards on the same call or on a different call? I'm wondering if I could get a credit limit increase on my chase business card and chase personal card at the same time, or with the same hard inquiry. That way I don't have to get 2 inquiries. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks @MarvBear I have a credit question I have been trying to figure out in regard to credit card stacking and keeping the 0% introductory rate as long as possible. My goal is to get the highest credit line possible and keep the 0% APR going for 24 months on the Chase Business card. Let’s say you have the Ink Business Unlimited® credit card (0% APR for 12 months). After 12 months, I want to open a new card, the Ink Business Cash® credit card to keep the 0% APR rate for a new 12 months. Lets say the Ink Business unlimited card has a $0 balance (paid off) with a
  5. Thanks @MarvBear for clearing that up! 😀 I am wondering, how is it possible to do card stacking effectively and apply for 5-7 cards for the 1st round of funding? One person told me that when card stacking, you don't want to hit the same bureau more than 2 times. But I see a lot of lenders sometimes pull 2 bureaus for 1 application. I checked the Creditpulls section of the website and searched on google as well to see which banks generally pull from which bureaus, but even then, it seems a bit random. Also, I notice that most of the larger lenders seem t
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I'm a real estate investor who is looking to apply for several 0% interest business credit cards and then use those funds to pay contractors/materials, etc. I am looking to get as much funding as possible and then transfer the balance over to another 0% interest card after the introductory period is up. I would like to use credit card stacking to get the most credit card funding possible at 0% interest. I have done a lot of research and I am getting ready to apply. I had the naive thought that if I signe
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