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  1. What about combining products? Does Cap1 do that? If so, any notable restrictions with the process? Ag
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  3. Welp, my disputes came back, and the results are as follows: EX: No movement on either disputed account issues. TU: No movement on either disputed account issues. EQ: No movement on disputed issues for one account, but for the other account they deleted all activity for the last two years on a charged-off tradeline. The CO notation still stands, but there is no activity at all for the last two years, which is arguably the offending time period. Kind of weird? I suppose, in all fairness, I didn't actually ask them to address the CO notation, while I did them to address the lates. Careful what you wish for, I guess! Preparing for the next round of disputes, not sure whether to craft letters around different issues with the same accounts, or around different accounts altogether. I started with the oldest derogs, hoping institutional memory would be dimmer, but we all know it just takes one uninspired data entry clerk to delete these things, so that likely doesn't matter. I'm open to entertaining opinions though if anyone has strong ones. (Side note: Also, feeling peevish about them sending back only the single pages relating to any changes as opposed to the entire hard copy report. I know it saves trees, which I do support, but it does make a mess of the record keeping. Or maybe I'm irremediably OCD.) Brand new Cap1 QS1 card from last month activated, small monthly charge set up, as is monthly auto-pay. Researching the next card, secured or otherwise, and looking for pre-qual sites. I haven't pulled my legit FICOs because this most recent card hasn't reported yet. But I'll wait to pull the app trigger until this summer at least, giving lower outstanding balances a chance to be reported, and any other headway I make with my reports. Requests for FNBO (graduation) and Cap1 (CLI) scheduled for ~September, I'll read the room at that time and go from there. Happy Spring, y'all! xo, Ag
  4. Approved for Cap1 Quicksilver $3k. Hit up the the preapproval page on a whim one month into the cleaning and rebuilding process, and was very surprised!
  5. On somewhat of a whim, I applied for Cap1 Quicksilver, unsecured. Lo and behold, approved w/ 3k limit! 🎉 My most recent secured acquisition isn’t reporting yet, so it’s likely owing to a ~658 score on whatever Cap1 pulled. As soon as I know which report, I’ll contribute to CreditPulls. I do have a (debatably) interesting data point: I had Cap1 back in the very early 2000’s and defaulted on them. This am when creating my online account, the home telephone number space auto-filled with a residential number from 2003, which was extremely short-lived, many moves ago, and not on any credit report including LN. It would appear they keep ALL the infos.
  6. My first unsolicited offer of credit in a loooong time! US Bank Visa Platinum Card. While there is exactly nothing impressive about this card, it sure is motivating to get the invitation. I am opted out, but I have a relationship with US Bank because the plan was to get a secured card through them before I pivoted and went with FNBO/Community. Since my credit is still pretty stinky, I have no plans to apply. But, you know, it's an honor just to be nominated! Ag ETA: Actually, it does offer 0% on BT until Sept of 2023, which wouldn't hurt given the balances I'm currently carrying.
  7. If you’re talking about Portfolio Recovery Services, once you’ve paid them the amount you negotiated, they remove themselves entirely. It takes about a month after final payment, but I’m sure that will help!
  8. Life’s messy and quixotic, isn’t it @inthematrix? WE GOT THIS! 👍🏻
  9. Thanks Marv and Heg and HD for the welcomes and encouragement! I can tell you @hdporter, this head which you so kindly characterize as being on my shoulders was firmly wedged elsewhere the first time around! 🤣 Well, we were all noobs once. Truthfully though, I’m extremely fortunate to have been quite successful back in ~’03-‘04, and that combined with the luxury of not needing to finance anything right away allows for a MUCH less frantic approach. I’ll definitely keep this thread going! And thanks for the Citi reco. I did burn a veritable Who’s Who of prime lenders, so I’ll be getting cozy with some oddball lenders for sure! Ag
  10. Los Angeles
  11. 2/8/22 - Received Community Bank $5K limit secured card, activated it, and set up a small recurring monthly on it. Also set a reminder to be on the lookout for graduation Sep/Oct. Then I'll transfer the security deposit into another secured card if I'm still not attractive to worthwhile unsecured. I already have an SDFCU savings account, but I really want to maximize the credit limit opportunity there, so maybe plunk the additional funds from a couple of graduated cards there for a 10-15K limit card early '23? I don't know, just spitballing. 2/10/22 - Closed subprime Credit1 card, and boy does that feel good! It's a lot like quitting something you've rationalized isn't bad for you but you really know isn't good for you. As soon as things shape up, I'll consider disputing it off my reports entirely, but for now it's a positive tradeline, even if it is a bit cringe from the manual review standpoint. 2/11/22 - Sent out round one disputes to all four CBs. Innovis is proving a bit tricky simply because there isn't much information to work with. For my negatives they don't list any lates or CO, but maybe that's okay? I never really paid attention to them before, so I suppose we'll wait and see how this first communication goes. Anyone with experience with disputing Innovis care to comment? If I see some movement with respect to removing negs, I may revise my goals for the first six months, and try for another secured card. Even though the primary goal is to have a completely clean report and let the scores take care of themselves, I think that shifting the balance from predominantly adverse to predominantly positive as soon as I can is important for the AAoA if nothing else. At worst, if I remove zero of the negatives before they're obsolete, then at least they're outnumbered by good stuff for the next few years. Cheers! Ag
  12. Approved for Community Bank secured! I believe the takeaway here is that if you want to get in with FNBO and are not in their footprint, try Community Bank. (Disclaimer: I didn’t research all their products, they may be total dogs.) Alternate takeaway is maybe their footprint has changed. Either way, I’m in California, not Nebraska.
  13. 1/8/22: Applied for Discover It secured, and was denied due to "number of bank revolving trades with high utilization". They said I can try again in eight days, but I'm happy to wait. 1/12/22: Applied for the Community Bank secured, which it turns out is serviced by FNBO. I am in California, but it said I was prequalified, so I pulled the trigger. I immediately received the 12-24 day notice, which I assumed was a denial, and then the same day followup email said it was under review and I should expect to hear in 10-14 days. Today (1/19) they requested additional documents, so maybe things are looking up? But they want the documents faxed, and I haven't faxed anything for at least a decade... Anyway, I'll sally forth like a good guinea pig.
  14. Hi everyone, this is a place for me to organize my thoughts and plans for trying to get my credit back on track. I am not terribly new at this, I repaired my credit back in 2003 with glowing success, and have lurked here and there frequently since. Please know that I only use hard copy credit reports direct from the bureaus, rely on scores only direct from MyFICO, and have reread the newbie threads as preparation. PsychDoc's transcripts still hold up! Without further ado... The background is, back in late 2018, due to various circumstances, I several credit cards lapsed. They all charged off, and I settled last year with all of them except one, which sold to a JDB and is still lurking out there somewhere, not on my reports and due to be past the SOL for affirmative defense later this year. My adverse tradelines are as follows: Barclays, Chase, Citizens One, Patelco, Target. Also suppressing my score is a rather large debt load on some remaining credit cards, which I am paying down regularly but not super quickly, simply because I do not want to awaken that one last JDB before the SOL. Instead I am saving any surplus so that early next year I can pay them off quickly and without fear of a lawsuit (one that I can't rebut, anyway). Obviously I want to have clean credit and a shiny high score, like, *right now*, but I feel that since the current reality is my credit stinks until I get it clean, I may as well take care of all the ugly stuff, like trying for a secured card or two, having a card report as secured until graduation if necessary, that sort of thing. So those are the negatives: 6 chargeoffs, potential looming JDB return, high cc balances. My open positives, and likely the only things keeping my FICO8 scores in the ~650 range, are two credit cards from 2005, in good standing. They each have one late pay around early 2019, but that is the least of my worries right now. I have a current car note with perfect payment history, almost paid off. I have a Credit One card from 2019 (subprime and expensive, I know!) with perfect payment history. Closed positives include various credit cards with perfect payment history, and another car note. Here is my current plan for the first 6 months of 2022: Work on cleaning my reports. I have removed extraneous addresses from EQ/TU, and am still working on that with EX. I'll clean the negs off all three eventually, but if I can make real gains with at least one bureau this year (maybe even a single spotless report a la shifter in his rebuilding thread) then I can begin to build in earnest with more cards. Get a secured card with a respectable limit and let it age. I have $5,000 earmarked for it, and have researched a few decent options that graduate. When I get the secured card, I'll pay off and close the Credit One card. I rarely use it, but I'd like to have the new backup in place before I do. Obviously I welcome advice, direction, and experience-based anecdotes. Or not, no pressure! Thx, Ag
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