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  1. You’re right about US Bank! The graduated account is a new account number, but deep in the website l found: “All account and payment history will be transitioned to the new account number, including unpaid balances and pending transactions.” So I’m adding US Bank back into the mix. Thanks jonson!
  2. Hi Board! I am in the process of paying off some delinquencies, and will be in a position to start rebuilding this October (approx). I am looking into getting a few secured cards, maxing out the credit limit deposits, and letting them and their hard pulls age a bit while I work on removing some of the negative entries I've managed to rack up over the last couple of years. I want secured cards that can grow with me, accounts that graduate/convert and aren't subprime. At the moment my top four contenders are: SDFCU - up to 6 figures deposit limit, I can a
  3. Just following this: I'll begin actively rebuilding later this year, and SDFCU was top of my list for a secured card with a high deposit limit that graduates. I'd love to know if you called, and if so what happened! Good luck! Aglet
  4. Actually, I’m not certain, but I believe that Chase still owns it, and MRS is collecting on their behalf. I’m basing it on: 1) The following language in their latest letter, “These payments will NOT satisfy your full obligation to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.”, and 2) I haven’t been notified that the debt is sold. I know they don’t always do that, but the last couple of credit cards that went south sent me letters stating the debt had been sold, and to whom. Also, theninformation that would be required to validate the debt is included in every piece of corrrspondence they’ve sent. I s
  5. Ugh I already have to edit! I just checked my USPS Delivery emails, and I actually received the first follow up letter Thursday 1/14, not Monday 1/11. I’m not sure it makes a difference, but in the spirit of putting it all out there... Everything starts to blend these days, I suppose. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, In late 2018 I got behind on two credit cards with Chase, which were eventually charged off in 2019. Original balances were ~3500 and ~4500. A few collection agencies had them, but most recently MRSBPO, and the offers kept getting lower to settle the accounts. It got down under 20% of the original balances, and since Chase doesn’t have arbitration in their contracts, I decided to pay and get that behind me. I gave them my debit info on 1/4, and they payment due date was 1/8. Here’s where it gets weird (or maybe not weird, maybe this is their MO). They never to
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