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  1. I'm wondering if there's anyone here in the forums that are self-employed applied for a PPP Loan last time around and those who got it what lender they used? There's not supposed to be a credit check required and as we all know on this forum, it's always good to avoid a hard pull at least. For sole-proprietor self-employed does anyone know if these appear on your personal credit report? It seems although the loans were in most cases forgivable and didn't require a credit check, I'm trying to determine if some lenders are more lenient than others as my current FICO is averaging in the 695-710 range which is okay but not great. I applied through Fundbox (an outstanding invoice advanced line of credit service connected up to Quickbooks) and they denied me and gave no reason whatsoever. I know the general recommendation is to apply through your bank but I bank with Chase who I think is very conservative on approvals in general and my one of the only two negative accounts on my credits history is with Chase. So my gut is I may have more of a chance getting a PPP loan from another smaller bank. I also have an acccount with DCU but I don't think they do business banking. I'm in Washington State.

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