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  1. The company is Primelending and they have a local office to where we want to purchase, so they are familiar with the area.
  2. Hello Everyone, I just got pre approved for a mortgage and doing the process through a lender (non-bank). The rep checked my credit and emailed me what says that is a prequalification letter. I also emailed him a pay stub from the end of the year of 2020. I asked if the next step was to get pre approved and he stated that what he had sent me was a pre approval because he checked my credit and ran it through the aus system. He just told me the next step is to find the home and then he would gather all the recent statements and info to start the mortgage process.
  3. Yes, it was easier at one point before all the situation with the pandemic. Now, to get someone on the line from the city is a mission. We,ve made numerous complaints to different departments in the city, most haven't replied back and the ones that have keep suggesting to work with the landlord. It's also a tricky thing to prove because its not a visible repair or probably as common. It's in the air and m it makes it seem if they can't see it then it doesnt exist. But we know there has been a major change in the apartment, because we have lived here for a while.
  4. Yes, naively we made the mistake of including her as well in the BK. Even though in hindsight whatever she owed wasn't bk material. I've never heard of innovis, I can print all 4 current ones and show them to the loan officer and see what they say. Thanks for tge suggestion.
  5. Thank you for that. I did open up 2 secured cards and a small loan since the bk. The CCs I always paid in full and loan I paid regularly. Although everytime I tried to apply for an unsecured credit card, bankruptcy was the reason that I didnt get it. I have very few inquiries on my report. Currently I have about $35,000 in student loans. I spoke to a Loan officer a year ago, he checked my credit report, score and told me to wait it out some more before I applied. It didnt go past that. Since then I paid off my car loan which boosted up my score. And thought about applying now, o
  6. Thank You @MarvBear. It's good to be here.
  7. Hello everybody, Ive been reading around here and there is alot of useful information. I wanted to ask a question that hopefully I can get an answer to. My wife and I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2018. It's close to 3 years of it being discharged. We were planning on getting prepared to buy a home, together with the kids we are 4 in total. I have had a solid job for the last 12 years and since the bk I have been taking care of my finances and credit, my score is in the starting 700s. The situation we have now, is that my wife has not been working for
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