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  1. I had emergency surgery last year at a time when I was in-between having insurance. The hospital told me I could apply for assistance with paying the bill, and some of the other specialists told me they would give me as much help as the hospital did. It took forever to get all the paperwork done, but I finally got a very generous payment plan worked out with the hospital. Problem is, in the meantime two specialist accounts have gone to collection agencies. I coontacted the doctors involved and asked to pay them directly, but they said the accounts have already been sold to debt collectors
  2. Thanks, Marv! I should add -- I know that ultimately I just need to apply and see if I prequalify, but I'm asking now because I'm trying to decide what I should do about my current rental situation, which is not ideal. If I get the sense I will qualify soon, I'm going to suck it up and look to buy a house this spring/summer. If it sounds like I'm a year away from it (need lower CC further, bigger downpayment, etc), I'll go ahead and sign a year lease on a different apartment.
  3. Hi, all. I'd like some input on 1) Whether I'd qualify for a mortgage 2) If not, how much more I have to do 3) If yes, what kind of loan and what kind of lender should I look into Income: ~$70k a year at current job, but have only been here 4 months, and I've had 4 employers in 4 years. Higher salaries, but same title. Common in my industry, but I know it doesn't look good. Price range: I'm looking for something in the $100-130k price range. I would only want to go bigger than that for a house that had strong potentia
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