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  1. Thanks cv91915 I appreciate the ideas and background info. I will proceed with goodwill letters while the account is open then. I didn't take advantage of forbearance but in hind sight that would have been a good idea.
  2. Hello! I’m new to the forum. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts here. The information I’ve read on this forum has been a great resource. Here is my situation. I have a couple of late payments (all 30 day) on my credit report. Two from two separate credit cards and another two from my mortgage. I went through a long period of working unpaid for my family’s business. Fortunately (thank you Jesus) the big job we were waiting for panned out, and we’re all going to get our backpay. Soon I’ll be in a position where I can pay off all my credit cards (about 7K) and even my house (only 4yrs into the 30yr loan). My plan is to try and strike a “Pay for delete” type of agreement with my credit cards, and to try my luck with goodwill letters for my mortgage company (Mr. Cooper Home Loans). Here’s what I’m wondering; will it make any difference that I can pay my house off? Does a “Pay for delete” work at all with mortgages? Or do I stand a better chance continuing to make regular monthly payments and pleading my case that way? Eventually I want to sell my house, but I am willing to wait if a certain scenario will help my chances. Any advice this? Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

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