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  1. EIN obtained. Years ago I applied and received a EIN,that was never used so I called and had them change the company name associated with it. I'll have to call and update with the virtual office address I'll be renting when I do.
  2. Hello 15 years ago and in my twenties, CB helped me rebuild my personal credit score from 520 to 702 in 5 years. Ultimately helping me buy my first home and the good credit habits learned have stuck since. Most of the active rebuilding was done in two years. Pay for deletions, HIPAA deletions, Disputes, making collection agents scream because I knew my rights. After I did all I could and added good tradelines it was a waiting game to 700+. Some baddies just wouldn't budge and I had to wait for them to fall off on their own. Unfortunately, I don't remember my username or the thread to show, but I was very transparent in that journey 15 years ago, sharing everything and all the steps I took. Now I'm here since I'm planning on starting a business, I want to build business credit. . THREAD GOAL To gather and share business credit building information and put it to use publicly in a real time implementation. To save at least one person from buying WAY OVER PRICED courses/programs. CREDIT GOALS Build business credit without personal guarantee. Get to the point where the company is approved for vehicle and revolving credit cards and loans if needed. I'm in no rush to start the business but the plan is to launch actively before the end of the summer. Yet the credit building can start sooner. In my research so far, I need to establish my business entity and do it right. This is key to reaching my goals of being approved for credit cards and loans at the higher tiers, especially without any personal guarantees. Also it will save time by avoiding avoidable hiccups by not having this done at the start. Seems even slight irregularities in a address or company name can be cause for denial. This is something we have to be diligent about. This can hinder credit building by months. Business Entity Establishment To-do List EIN Number Establish a LLC or Corp (researching) Business bank account Virtual Address/office (rentable) Business phone number Register address & phone# with 411 Dun & Bradstreet # Domain name with website and email setup Google My Business (GMB) Get the business website and location out into the search engines. I'm not shy of spending money to build credit. This goes for secured credit cards and reasonable credit reporting product/services. In my first journey, secured CCs and purchasing cheap jewelry on a payment plan was invaluable to push my score up. There's just not many "clean" options when you're first starting out or have bad credit. This is a marathon not a race but if you can cut the marathon down by 5k why not? I'll be focusing on the easiest Net30 accounts to start. I'm still organizing my target list, also I know things have changed in the last year regarding some of them. This is a list I compiled the last few days. Some may not be actively giving out accounts, no longer exist or never gave NETxx accounts out. I'll update soon with a more dedicated target list, plan of action and list any prerequisites for approval there is or might be. NET30 TARGETS -Quil -Uline -Summa Office Supplies -US Plastics -Strategic Network Solutions -Grainger -Nav.com ($40/mo reporting DnB, EX and EQ) -Gemplers -Digikey -Bags & Bows (Retail Packaging) -Seton (ID/Safety Supplies) -Shirtsy ($99/yr reports to all) -Crown Office Supply ($99/yr reports to all) -MSC Direct (Metal working) -Gemplers - Global Voice Direct ($30 min purchase) -Supply Works -Amazon -Monopolize Your Marketplace -Tractor Supply -Sunbelt Rentals -UPS -Fedex I'll update as I learn more and polish my plan of attack. Thank you and feel free to correct me, keystroke slap me or add any helpful information you may have as time goes.
  3. 15 years ago and in my twenties, I started documenting my journey of rebuilding my personal credit here on this forum. Disputes, pay for deletions, adding trade lines and using HIPAA to go from 520 Fico to 702 when I bought my first home. This site held a special place in my heart and I was eager to share the knowledge gained and I did. Shared with my brother, he then used the info to boost his credit credit as an authorized user on family member accounts, ultimately destroying their credit and his by opening up credit in their names and racking up 35k in debt and a vehicle repo. But I'm here again because I want to build business credit for my upcoming business for when and if I'll need it. Documenting, sharing helps to encourage others, adds knowledge and keeps me motivated. It's a marathon, not a race. I cannot for the life of me find my old thread or remember my old user name. It would be nice to look back and read. Anyways, glad to be back.
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