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  1. TL;DR - I'm so thankful for this forum. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance, it's so very much appreciated! --------------------------------------- Just wanted to provide an update: Transunion - 6/6 deleted from initial dispute Experian - 5/6 deleted from initial dispute. 1 outstanding account was deleted following medical DV to Transworld / follow-up dispute to CRA Equifax - No deletions from initial dispute. Pulled my credit report and saw that 4/6 have been deleted following the medical DV to Transworld / follow-up dispute to CRA. Hoping the remaining
  2. Experian deleted 5 of the 6 transworld accounts in question (1/21/21), but equifax verified all 6 (1/22/21). Why is there a discrepancy? Don't know if this is relevant at all, but in Transworld's letter (1/20/21), they said they contacted the 3 credit bureaus to put the 6 accounts in question in a disputed status. Recommendation on next steps?
  3. The date of Transworld's response was 1/20/21. They provided their own reference numbers and the corresponding account numbers from the original health care provider. They also enclosed what seems to be a copy of a printed invoice from the original health care provider - there's a line that says it was printed 12/28/2020. What's confusing is that the invoice does not include the full account numbers (i.e. it only lists the prefix), but it does detail the following: service date description billing provider dept charge amt pay/adj amt pat du
  4. Would you mind confirming that I'm tracking in terms of next steps pls? Wait to hear back from TransUnion Question: Should i be concerned that Equifax updated the status date and balance date? Send 'Form Letter to Original Creditor Health Care Provider + Insert a.' Question: Do i reach out to the original health care provider for the balance amounts for the accounts (~2.5yrs old) in dispute? I ask because the I can't seem to match Transworld's reference number + corresponding balances with the health care provider invoice they sent me. Follow instruct
  5. Hello, Checking back in...I opted out and then sent out the the initial dispute letter to the 3 credit bureaus. From the 6 transworld accounts that are in question, Experian deleted 5 out of the 6 Equifax verified all 6 Still waiting on TransUnion I also received a response from Transworld In terms of next steps, would you advise that I proceed with the MEDICAL DISPUTE VALIDATION LETTER FOR PAID ACCOUNTS as soon as I hear back from TransUnion? Thanks again for all the guidance. Much appreciated.
  6. Hello, Newbie here, recently came across this forum, and was hoping you could please help me figure out how best to address the old medical debt (~3k in total) that has gone onto collections and is hurting my credit score as a result Background/Context: I have several accounts from Transworld that are dated anywhere from 1-2 years old. I now have the means to pay off my debt, and had called Transworld to see if they would pay for delete (without acknowledging ownership of said debt)....they said no and told me that they would open up a dispute on my behalf.
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