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  1. We were foreclosed upon in September of 2018, and when combing over the documents I noticed the foreclosure attorney signed off stating I had been served in person by the sheriff. I was not even in town on the day of service, and the Sheriff's Foreclosure Notice Return document clearly states copies were left my husband. I am going to look for an attorney to file a Motion To Quash the foreclosure judgement as it is my understanding that a notarized Affidavit of Service means the attorney verifies all the documents are correct and in order - which they were not. I know it is a long
  2. hdporter Thanks for the detailed insight and advice. I am going to place my focus on getting the foreclosure sorted out immediately. The mistakes made were brought to the attention of the NFCU, but they choose silence and stonewalling as their response. All correspondence from here on out will be through an attorney. Thanks again for the help in this situation.
  3. Unfortunately, I did do an online dispute. I have a phone consult with a real estate attorney next week, but I did not want to pay for them to do what is well within my ability. The lender should delete it promptly with a certified letter - my thought is the online dispute was simply verified by matching the account to my address, but I have since had the matching address removed. I intend to do a Jack attack letter handwritten on yellow lined paper and mail it out to all three CRA's via certified mail tomorrow afternoon. If I list the very obvious reasons they should
  4. I am weeks into my credit repair and found serious errors in the reporting of our previous foreclosure and a significant mistake in the actual court documents. I disputed the foreclosure with all three bureaus and it was immediately verified as accurate by NFCU. My thought is to send a letter to the lender directly, but my concern is that NFCU will simply correct the errors - namely, erratic lates reported and a different date of last activity for each CRA. However, the foreclosure documents are faulty - the affidavit for notice of service contradicts the sheriffs explanation of s
  5. I know we are a few months away from even being able to app. for a mortgage loan, but so much has changed for the better that I can't help but pose this question now. Two years and a few months ago we lost our home to foreclosure due to my husband going without a contract for six months. It was a horrible time and we never will allow ourselves to go without a serious emergency savings again. I feel pretty confident the credit issues will be cleared up by March, but wonder if the Foreclosure from the October 2018 will leave us with no choice but a manual underwriting option. The Pub
  6. Hi Everyone, My husband and I lost our home to foreclosure a little over two years ago after he lost back to back IT contracts over a six month period. Since then, he has landed not one but two permanent roles and we are trying to clean up his reports. From the six months of no income we were left with: - 5 year old Barclays CO with a $3,200 balance - 5 year old NFCU Go Rewards CO with a $15,500 balance - Foreclosure that shows as redeemed on on report and closed on two others - A 5 year old collection with Portfolio for $422 dollars
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