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  1. Ok so as of today 1/18 it looks like 3 of of my lines are reporting to DNB and my Paydex score is 80 Experian is only showing 1 account and Equifax nothing yet.
  2. Nope no PG for any of the fleet cards. I applied for a Shell fleet card as well. But since that is backed by WEX with the Speedway card, they are going to reduce my Speedway line to $6,500 and then move the other $6,500 to the Shell. The only reason I am doing that is because we can use the Shell cards at Jiffy Lube. Other then adding NAV thats it for now. Ill be utilizing these accounts for a few months and see how the scores improve.
  3. No worries, I figured thats what you meant Additional accounts added since first post: Verizon Wireless Business - 5 lines UHaul - 7 active rentals at a time with corporate rate for local rentals. Wyndham Hotels - Corporate discount rate and monthly billing.
  4. So I formed my corporation in early 2018 but couldn't raise the startup capital I needed so its just kinda sat there. A couple of months ago I decided to see if I could start establishing some credit lines. And so far this is what I have gotten: Early October - Axle Fuel Card - $1,500 credit line NET 7 Speedway Fleet Card - $13,000 credit line monthly billing I used both cards for a couple of weeks and then "refound" this site for a list of other companies to apply at and literally in the last week have been approved for the following: BP
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