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  1. PNC bank. Im not sure, Ill have to look it up. LOL I hope they wouldnt want to over a late fee! Ill check their website because I dont have any literature at my residence.
  2. Right, that purchase doesn't have anything to do with the 30 day late tradeline, but the 30 day late tradeline is reporting the dollar value which from the purchase made last week, not the purchase my nephew made 30 days ago, if that makes sense. The charge was used with the chip, I remember the bank lady telling me this, so he used in the store physically. Here is what I found: Statement date 9/30/20 - purchase made Statement date 10/31/20 - past due Statement date 11/30/20 - payment removed Actual dates: 9/10/20 - purchase made 11/1/20 - late fee added 11/2/20 - late fee removed 11/2/20 - purchase removed
  3. No, he is not an AU. Probably a stupid question, but if I file a police report, would my nephew get in trouble? I don't want to press charges or anything, it was a small amount of money. I just don't know if this could be done without getting an investigation and all of that stuff on him
  4. Thank you for the reply. The charge was not fraudulent, I found out after having my card cancelled that it was my nephew who used my card without my knowledge, and this was the card that I never really used. I am getting estatements, which I never look at because I havent used this card in probably 6 months. I did not write anyone, my first instinct was to call the bank to find out why I have a late charge. Looking back, I should have wrote them. In that first call, the card was cancelled and late charge reversed. Should I write the bank, disputing this? Or should I write the CRA disputing this?
  5. I have a VISA through my bank, who is reporting I am 30 days late on a $5 balance, but this is in error. Credit score down 75 pts now. Last month, this same card was used by someone else without my knowledge, and I was late on the payment having not known a payment was due because I haven't used that card myself for months, I didnt even know there was a balance on it. It was an easy call to my bank, they cancelled the card, issued a new card, and removed the late charge. I then made a $5 purchase on my new reissued card about a week ago. I got a notice through CK that my score changed, and then found out that its showing I am 30 days late on the $5 purchase I made a week ago. The bank was adamant they couldn't do anything about the reporting late issue, even after explaining to them what the issue was and that it must be a glitch. He told me to dispute online. I think because it was THEIR issue, they should be the people who should fix it, not ME going through the dispute process for their mess-up. 🤬 Does this sound right, that they "cant do anything about it"? I haven't disputed anything in years, and I mostly disputed collections not late payments, so Im a little rusty. I tried disputing online, and EQ doesnt have my actual issue (bank error) in their online dispute categories. Is disputing online still "frowned upon" and is CM still the way to go? Any advice would be great.
  6. Thank you for the information. I might be looking at bankruptcy because I dont see how I can overcome this debt plus all my other debt. Does anyone happen to know if there is a SOL on a State debt in PA? I only saw that theres no SOL on State TAX debt. Im assuming this wouldnt qualify as tax debt, going by the description in the letter.
  7. Thanks for the reply, you bring up some good points. I was on my State's medical assistance for a while, but I dont remember anyone saying I owed them money or ineligible for assistance or anything like that. I did move, so that could be the issue if they mailed something after I moved. Thats the only thing I can think of. Unfortunately, I have nothing in my bank account for the State to take, if they try and go that route. I barely make enough money from my job to survive because of COVID. How would you go about this type of collection if you truly couldn't pay them (even if the debt was real)?
  8. Thank you! And GREAT, cant wait do deal with them 😕
  9. I received a collection letter from a law firm called "Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLC". It says they are attempting to collect a debt for the PA Office of Inspector General, and it says "Welfare Overpayment". I'm unsure of what this is about, nor do I know any details other than the amount due which is over $2k. The letter also mentions "this is not a threat to file a lawsuit. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account," and it asks for me to call a certain person at the company and gives a phone number. 1. Since this doesn't mention a 30 day notice, should I still send a DV letter? If not, what is my next step? 2. Does anyone know what the SOL (if any) would be in PA for a collections concerning "welfare overpayments"? Thank you much!
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