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  1. they are not actively reporting it, they just reported it once, that it's paid, instead of asking chex to remove it. why do you have to report something that is already settled, when it can have financial impacts on your customer. my credit score is sitting at 795, they rejected my app based on my chex report
  2. Credit union is rejecting my application, because they are reporting something on my chex report that exist, but is flagged/marked as paid off! they are not cool with the existence of it at the first place. ofc I can't wait for 5 years, not even 1 year.
  3. They are reporting something that does not exist anymore, their action is unnecessary and I haven't commit any fraud or money laundry, they are reporting something that does not exist anymore.(If you ask me it's fraudulent) Again there are no errors, they are reporting that I have paid off a debt that at some point it was an account abuse($950 negative balance and account closure). I talked to Chex they said, it's not under our discretion to remove this, BOFA has to make that call. is there any judiciary ground that I can open a case against bank of America in small clai
  4. I was wondering if I can remove my report from chex, since I need to wait 5 years for it to be removed.... just to be clear, nothing has been made by error here, I had a negative checking balance, I didn't pay it and the bank closed my checking account, but I paid the amount 4 month ago, and chex said it will take 5 years to be removed..., obviously right now I am facing some/almost huge limitations with all type of creditors even with a credit score of 795+ is this a Fair Credit Reporting Act? What's the fastest way to remove them?! Thanks a lot
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