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  1. I've been paying double payments on my mortgage for over a year and should have it paid off in 2 years and 3 months, My current Interest rate is 6.375 % fixed 30 years. There is 60k left on the mortgage. I just got a offer to refinance at 3 % i'm not sure what the fees are to refinance it. Should i even bother with it? The original loan amount was $150k. I am currently in year 13 of my mortgage so i should be done at 15 years! I have $30k in my checking account for emergency funds and i am not comfortable using all that to pay it down as i just had to buy a
  2. I have read great things about roboform but still you guys don't worry about a data breach on there side that is out of your control? I may give them a try but still refuse to trust them with banking info.
  3. I know there are a lot of password mangers out there but i refuse to trust/pay monthly for any of them. My original thoughts where to use something like last pass free to handle all my passwords expect my financial logins. I've been using a simple spreadsheet, it's free and it's not in the cloud. I keep it on my PC as i do not use apps or any other ways.
  4. Do checking accounts get hacked? That is my concern to only having one. Where they empty it and you have nothing to pay your bills while you try to get it fixed can you even get the money back?
  5. Her name is on the checking account statement. The other savings accounts and credit cards it is not which is strange since one of the credit cards has her name on it as well so she has one to use. This is with bank of america.
  6. I've been toying with the idea of getting a second checking account because more and more places require it. For example verzion will now give you $10 off per line if you pay with a checking account and just today ebay is now asking for a checking account to get paid when you sell. A second checking account at a different bank would be great to give verizon, ebay etc so these places would not have access to the full amount in you account. Thoughts? or am i just worried over nothing.
  7. This will sound like a dumb question to most people but how do i know if my bank account is a joint account? When i got married my wife had her pay checks deposited into my checking account that i've had since i was a kid and that was 20 years ago and our credit cards are the same numbers one just has her name on it and one with my name on it. When i log into the bank account her name is no where to be found and i do not recall ever going to the bank and have her name put on it. Both our names are on the paper checks to pay bills as well.
  8. Does anyone know if you can apply online and use the card right away? Thanks
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