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  1. That makes sense. I am surprised I would see a score drop for paying down balances.
  2. Hello hegemony! Thank you for your response. Funny enough, search results have been mostly of you telling people to search for segmentation, is there a particular thread in particular which will be of value? Thank you so much! I have a 24 year credit history, 24 listed accounts, and 5 open accounts. I will be applying for an Amex and another credit card once my refinance closes and before is reported while my credit scores are still high.
  3. This is an interesting one for me, I thought initially I hit a nice credit to debt ratio just getting under 10% utilization and was ecstatic about hitting that goal but then the second notification just popped up and I am confused... 11/27/2020 +16 The total balance on all your Bankcard account(s) has decreased by $112. This change applies to the sum of all Bankcard balances. 11/29/2020 -16 The total balance on all your Bankcard account(s) has decreased by $164. This change applies to the sum of all Bankcard balances. Is this more of an issue with the calculation system, myfico.com in this case? Nothing has changed on the reports, no new accounts, etc,
  4. Excellent information! You brought up a great point hdporter, with FICO 8 my scores are high but under the 4/5 system they plummet to the 740s which is part of my concern and I'd like to have some 800 scores by now anyhow for some breathing room under those systems. I found myself scrambling to get over a 740 average in FICO 4/5 last minute for a loan a month ago which was deflating when the entire time I thought I was in the 780s. Fortunately I hit a 746 average under that system in time which got me a .2 drop on the loan rate. Great point on C1 as well and that was where I first encountered the issue. Based on responses, I garner acquiring an Amex or another card from a credit union may be the best approach at increasing my debt to credit ratio, as well as having a 5 card mix, instead of playing the numbers game with transfers. Thank you everyone!
  5. I am new to this forum and excited to learn more as I go. I have used the search function but I don't seem to be hitting what I am looking for in particular and would love some advice. I am in the process of raising my scores from 760s-780s in FICO 8 scoring, to 800s+ and it appears my current limitation is my current credit to debt ratio, I have all the other boxes checked off including a credit history of 24 years and watch things closely with myfico.com account. Although my debts are very low, my CCs I have are: Capital One (5 years) - $9,544 limit Citibank Rewards (17 years) - $15,269 limit Bank of America (5 years) - $1,800 limit I have no other credit cards or retail cards. Possibly applying for an Amex is a good idea as well? So the main crux, I have applied for CLIs but because I have not used the cards near their maxes a CLI will not be approved. I have considered making purchases with my business merchant provider account with the cards so the money goes back to me and I can immediately pay it back off. What methods of "moving" funds around to increase credit usage have you found to be successful or are recommended? Thank you for your knowledge on the matter.

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